Charlie Crist for U.S. Senate: The Crist Campaign Week In Review April 5 – April 12

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The Crist Campaign Week In Review April 5 – April 12

The Crist Campaign continues to move at a rapid pace with new television ads, more endorsements, more local media interviews, and more information being revealed about Speaker Rubio’s REAL record.

Just yesterday, the St. Petersburg Times ranked Governor Crist as the winner of the week in Florida politics stating that he is acting like a true leader at a time when many important issues are facing the state.

Crist Campaign Updates

*MUST WATCH VIDEO* The Crist Campaign released a new television ad titled “Two Politicians.” Watch the ad HERE that shows how Speaker Rubio and Ray Sansom – both insider, career politicians – used public office for their own personal enrichment while engaging in unethical spending. As the ad states: “Marco Rubio – It’s not just what we know, it’s what we don’t know … YET.”

Below is some additional research and recent news articles that show the similarities between Speaker Rubio and his hand-picked budget chief, Ray Sansom:

Rubio And Sansom, Mentor And Mentee

In Case You Missed It: Rubio And Sansom “Lived Big On GOP Plastic”

The Governor had a very successful trip to The Villages this past weekend where he spoke with hundreds of Crist supporters. Check out the pictures from his campaign events HERE.

With the retirement of Justice Stevens, Governor Crist released a statement urging President Obama to pick a replacement who does not legislate from the bench, and is a justice in the mold of Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito: Governor Crist Statement On The Retirement Of Justice Stevens

Governor Crist has also come out against the provision in President Obama’s health care plan that raises premiums for young adults: Crist Blasts Obama On Raising Health Premiums For Young Adults

Just like President Obama, Rep. Meek also supports a failed tax and spend liberal agenda: Crist Campaign: Rep. Meek Supports Failed, Liberal Tax And Spend Economic Policies

MUST READ: In Case You Missed It: Crist Does The Right Thing

ENDORSEMENTS: Governor Crist has received the endorsements of two Floridians, Hall of Fame Coach Don Shula and Colonel Bud Day.

Hall Of Fame Coach Don Shula Endorses Charlie Crist For U.S. Senate

Medal Of Honor Winner Colonel Bud Day Endorses Charlie Crist For U.S. Senate

Governor Crist Local Media Interviews:
MUST WATCH: Governor Crist On WPEC – CBS 12, West Palm Beach

MUST READ: Excerpts From Governor’ Crist’s Pensacola Radio Interview

MUST WATCH: Governor Crist’s Interview With First Coast News, Jacksonville Part1 Part 2

The REAL Speaker Rubio

*MUST WATCH VIDEO* Watch Speaker Rubio in his own words show his strong support for a carbon tax and admit that he would have accepted the stimulus funds:

WATCH Speaker Rubio Declare His Support For Mandates For A Federal Cap And Trade Program And Carbon Tax Program (3/13/08 Time Code: 24:15).

WATCH Speaker Rubio Give A Speech On His Desire For Florida To Lead The Nation In Emission Caps.

WATCH Speaker Rubio Admit He Would Have Taken Stimulus Funds.

It has been almost a month since Speaker Rubio’s unethical spending habits have come to light and he still has yet to address many questions surrounding his use of public office for personal gain. Read the campaign’s most recent release on this topic.

Once again, Speaker Rubio continues to distort the truth to Florida voters: Speaker Rubio’s Claims About Charlie Crist Rated: Liar, Liar, “Pants On Fire”

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