Charlie Crist for U.S. Senate: Speaker Rubio Kicks Off His “Tax Avoidance Tour”

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A Month Later Rubio Still Refuses To Release Tax Returns And Answer Important Questions About His Financial Dealings

TALLAHASSEE – The Charlie Crist for U.S. Senate campaign today released the below statement from Communications Director Andrea Saul, one month after Speaker Rubio’s unethical spending habits were brought to light.

“It’s been a full month since Speaker Rubio was caught red handed in a series of calculated, habitual, and unethical spending practices while serving in public office,” said Saul. “It’s sad that two days after one of the leading papers in the state raises even more question about Speaker Rubio’s personal use of a Republican Party credit card, that Marco Rubio has still failed to answer any of the basic questions concerning his potential abuse of office.

“But in so much as Speaker Rubio may have to answer the questions soon in various legal forums, it is perhaps understandable that he will not address the questions without benefit of counsel.

“As Speaker Rubio starts his ‘Take A Stand’ bus tour today, it wouldn’t seem too much to ask for the Speaker to finally take a real stand on the issues he should know best – his very own record. Florida voters deserve better than a Miami lobbyist-politician who talks a big game of courage on the campaign trail but won’t even come clean about his use of public office for his own personal enrichment.

“By the way, how are those tax returns coming, Marco?”

Unanswered questions Speaker Rubio should have plenty of time to address on his tour this week:

Where is the $34,000 that Speaker Rubio failed to disclose from his CCE?

Who were the 148 vendors that received the $74,000 from his CCE that was not reported to the IRS?

Has Speaker Rubio paid back the $3,000 he double-billed taxpayers for his flights around the state?

And if so, has he amended his 2007 state and federal income tax forms?

Has Speaker Rubio amended his other tax forms that might have been affected by his spending?

Is Speaker Rubio going to re-pay the Republican Party for his family reunion?

Will Speaker Rubio release his tax returns for the past 10 years as Governor Crist has done?

If, like Governor Crist, Speaker Rubio is completing his 2009 returns, will he join Gov. Crist in releasing 2000-2008?

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