Marco Rubio for U.S. Senate: My Plan to Get Us Back on the RIGHT Track

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Yesterday American taxpayers across the country opened their checkbook to pay for the reckless spending habits championed by the Crist-Meek-Obama stimulus package.

It is time to stand up to it. And it starts by reigning in government spending.

During Marco’s “Take A Stand” bus tour this week, he highlighted a few bold conservative initiatives to get us back on the RIGHT track. Read more about Marco’s ideas here. And don’t miss his Tax Day op-ed in The National Review Online, “Reform Tax System, But Don’t Forget To Cut Spending.”

If you agree that it’s time to take a stand and stop the liberal, big spending agenda, you can stand with Marco today by telling your friends and networks about this important election. Forward this email or click on your favorite social media link to promote Marco’s message.

While Marco was on the road this week promoting a positive, forward-looking conservative vision, Charlie Crist refused to even say whether he is going to stay in the Republican primary. And it’s clear his negative and false attacks are backfiring on him. Just yesterday, his long-time political mentor, former U.S. Senator Connie Mack resigned from the Crist campaign.

It’s clear Charlie Crist is putting his political ambitions ahead of the good of our party, our state and our future. This is just another reason that we need your help today. It’s critical that we unite behind the only candidate we can trust to go to Washington, stand up to the Obama agenda, and STAY a Republican.

Thank you for you continued support! We can’t get to Washington without your help.

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