Gelber Passes Legislation to Protect Tenants in Foreclosure

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Legislation protects tenants from eviction at foreclosure

Tallahassee, Fla. – State Senator Dan Gelber (D-Miami Beach) passed out of the State Senate landmark legislation, SB 606, that will protect tenants when a residential property is under foreclosure. The legislation allows for a tenant to remain in possession of the residence, from a purchaser, until the end of the lease term or at least 90 days after a notice of termination. The legislation also provides protections for security deposits of renters and tenants in properties that are being foreclosed.

The economic situation in Florida is placing-hard working families, the elderly, all residents and communities, in a precarious situation. Today, Floridians face not only mounting foreclosures of unsustainable loans, but also declining property values and declining wages. While these factors impact the economic recovery as a whole, the toll is particularly high for Florida’s low-income families.

Foreclosure wreaks havoc not only on homeowners but increasingly on renters. Gelber said: “The mortgage foreclosure crisis is not only impacting homeowners, it also impacts renters who are finding themselves evicted with little if any notice. This measure will prevent renters from being victimized and provide a measure of security for their deposits.” Additionally, the legislation makes it a third degree felony for the landlord or mortgagor to knowingly and with intent to deprive tenants of their right to receive security deposit funds.

The bill now awaits a hearing in the House of Representatives.

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Gelber Passes Legislation to Protect Tenants in Foreclosure


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