Jeff Greene For U.S. Senate: Meek’s Phony Issues Won’t Distract From Record Of Corruption

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West Palm Beach, FL – Today, Jeff Greene Campaign spokesman Luis Vizcaino issued the following statement regarding the Kendrick Meek Campaign’s latest false claims.

Said Vizcaino,

“Kendrick Meek’s latest attempt to distract attention from the lies he is running on television is another failure.”

Attached below is a letter from Andy Velero, who has been Chief Engineer on the Summerwind since 1996, confirming Jeff’s recollection of the facts regarding his having to land in Cuba. Mr. Velero’s letter supports Jeff’s statements that:

Jeff and his then-fiancee, now wife, were en route to Honduras;

The boat was diverted to Cuba due to mechanical problems;

The boat then went to the Bahamas after waiting for parts in Cuba that the crew were ultimately unable to obtain;

Jeff visited a Jewish community/Synagogue;

No packages or boxes were brought on board.

It is unfortunate that instead of coming clean on lying about Warren Buffet, even after an email from Warren Buffet’s assistant directly rebuts what Meek has claimed, Meek continues to raise phony issues to distract from his record of corruption.

Again, below is the letter from Andy Valero, Chief Engineer on board the Summerwind since 1996.


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