Pam Bondi Endorsed By South Florida Sun Sentinel

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FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Today, the Pam Bondi campaign announced the endorsement of the South Florida Sun Sentinel, which published their endorsement in an editorial over the weekend. The fifth endorsement by a major Florida newspaper underlines two straight months of surging success for the Bondi campaign, as business advocates, social conservatives, and prominent Floridians have affirmed her message and joined her campaign.

“The key point made in this editorial is that Pam Bondi has a vision for the role of chief legal officer in Florida,” said Jim Blosser, Finance Chair for Bondi for Attorney General in Broward County, “and isn’t just looking for the next political job like her opponents. Pam has more experience and better ideas, and I am confident she will win on August 24.”
Excerpts from the editorial about Pam Bondi:

“Pam Bondi has extensive legal experience, and shows more enthusiasm for the post than her GOP rivals. But what differentiates Bondi from her opponents is her ability to vision herself as the state’s chief legal officer, rather than someone who’d use the office as a political bully pulpit.”

“Bondi has way more legal experience than her opponents.”

“Bondi has spent years going after crooks, and she says she would step up the attorney general’s anti-gang efforts. She also vows to carry out vigorously the office’s core responsibility to protect consumers. And she would revive the attorney general’s role as a citizen’s advocate for open government.”

“Pam Bondi is the best Republican candidate.”

Excerpts from the editorial about Pam Bondi’s opponents:

“Rival Holly [Benson’s] priorities for this post are misplaced.”

“The third candidate, Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp, of Cape Coral, holds a largely ceremonial post. He cites his experience as a lawyer, but it falls way short of what Bondi provides.”
The full editorial may be read at The St. Petersburg Times, Miami Herald, Orlando Sentinel, and Tampa Tribune have also endorsed Bondi’s candidacy.

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About Pam Bondi for Attorney General
Pam Bondi recently resigned from the State Attorney’s office as a career prosecutor to run for Attorney General. She is a fourth-generation Floridian and is committed to being an advocate for the small businesses and working families of Florida. Bondi is A-Rated by the National Rifle Association. She has been endorsed by the Susan B. Anthony List Fund, which supports pro-life candidates; by Speaker of the Florida House Larry Cretul, former Governor Bob Martinez, and former Attorney General Jim Smith; by the Associated Builders and Contractors of Florida, the Associated Industries of Florida PAC, and the Florida Chamber of Commerce; by the St. Petersburg Times, the Tampa Tribune, the Miami Herald, the Orlando Sentinel, and the South Florida Sun Sentinel; and by numerous other conservative grassroots leaders and elected officials. She has won recent dominating victories in major straw polls.



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