Alex Sink for Governor: Lies and Distortions

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Today Bud Chiles announced his support of Alex’s campaign for Governor. He shares Alex’s vision for a better Florida. He also believes that she is the only candidate in this race with a detailed plan for Florida’s education system and the best plan for Florida’s economic future.

Alex understands that to rebuild our economy Florida must have strong public schools. Bud Chiles and independent voters agree and are moving to support Alex.

The positive response to our campaign already has Rick Scott on the attack.  The Republican Party has purchased millions of dollars in TV ads filled with lies and distortions.  This is only the beginning of the onslaught of attacks we expect.

We have worked long and hard to get to this point.  Please contribute today to make sure that Alex can defend herself against the attacks being financed by big corporate interests to help Rick Scott.

Alex has a detailed business plan to put Floridians to work, while Rick Scott has a snappy slogan and a hollow plan full of old policies.  When Floridians join together, we can defeat the most powerful interests. And that’s the same fight we have to put into this campaign.

Rick Scott spent over $50 million to win the Republican primary.  Now we must band together to make sure he does not use his ill-gotten personal wealth to buy the Governor’s race in the same way.

We need you to contribute $10 today, so that we can be certain Alex Sink is Florida’s next Governor and not a disgraced businessman like Rick Scott.

Thank you for everything you’re doing to help the campaign. Together, we can make sure that attempts to tarnish Alex and her common sense approach are defeated by a campaign of honesty and integrity.

Jim Cassady

Campaign Manager


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