Alex Sink for Governor: What’s the difference?

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It didn’t take long for Rick Scott to try to drag this campaign into the mud. It’s how he won the Republican Primary, and it’s how he thinks he can win the General.

Instead of focusing on the issues facing Florida, he’s spending all of his time talking about President Obama. It’s an attempt to hide from questions about his own record.

I’ve had enough of his brand of campaigning. And I’m calling him out on it in my new TV ad. We need a Governor who attacks Florida’s challenges, not one who bases his campaign on petty attacks. We’ve set a goal of raising $55,000 this week from grassroots supporters like you to make sure voters see the ad.

Click here to watch the ad and contribute to keep it on TV.

There are only eight weeks left in this campaign. The differences between my campaign and Rick Scott’s are becoming clearer every day.

But with supporters like you, I know that Floridians will hear the truth. And together we’ll get Florida back on the right track.

Thank you,

Alex Sink


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