Charlie Crist for U.S. Senate: “A Tale Of Two Rubios”: Newspaper Report Raises New Questions About Rubio’s Financial Irresponsibility And Shady Insider Deals

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ST. PETERSBURG – Crist campaign spokesman Danny Kanner today issued the following statement regarding today’s newspaper story chronicling Marco Rubio’s financial irresponsibility and shady insider deals:

“Was the purchase of Marco Rubio’s house in exchange for his vote on a major insurance law a quid pro quo? Did Marco Rubio know working people would be fired while he was being rewarded with cushy jobs for steering pork to a university and a hospital? How much did he really spend on the Republican Party of Florida credit card while speaker-designate, and how much did he fail to report to the IRS? All of these questions go unanswered in a new expose in today’s Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

“Washington is broken because of fiscal irresponsibility and shady insider deals. Looks like Marco Rubio would fit right in. Today’s report chronicles what Floridians are learning every day – Marco Rubio’s rhetoric of fiscal responsibility just doesn’t match reality. Rubio needs to come clean with Florida voters.

“As Governor, Charlie Crist vetoed hundreds of millions of dollars of Marco Rubio’s special interest giveaways, all while passing the largest tax cut in Florida’s history. At the same time, Rubio was enriching himself through public service. The people of Florida deserve answers, and they deserve them now.”


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“A Tale of Two Rubios”: “For 16 months, Rubio has carried this message of fiscal responsibility to great applause across Florida. What Rubio does not tell the crowds is that he has gone deep into debt and struggled to make his payments, with Deutsche Bank initiating foreclosure proceedings on one of his homes in June… As he tried to meet his obligations, Rubio engaged in a series of financial transactions that led to accusations that he received special treatment because of his political connections, abused campaign cash and engaged in deals where a conflict of interest existed between his political position and financial benefit… Such deals seem to contradict the principles Rubio espouses on the campaign trail: calling for balanced budgets as he strained his own, and criticizing government waste as he arranged unadvertised government jobs for himself.”

Rubio Uses Political Donations to Pay Personal Expenses, Spurring Federal Investigation. “In 2007 and 2008, Rubio charged nearly $100,000 on his Republican Party credit card, according to records released by the party. The party has refused to release records from before 2007… The Internal Revenue Service has clear rules that campaign donations, which are not taxed, must go toward election activities. Rubio’s credit card records show he put many questionable expenses on his party credit card, including: $1,000 at Braman Honda in Miami for repairs to his family’s minivan; $765 directed toward Apple’s online store; $10.50 at an AMC movie theater in Miami; $761.54 at Costco; and $80.60 at Borders, among many other items. Many of his charges appeared to be for everyday items like food… Citing confidential sources, the St. Petersburg Times/Miami Herald newspapers reported this year that Rubio’s credit card spending is under investigation by the FBI and IRS.”

Immediately Changed His Position on An Insurance Law After he Sold his Home to the Mother of an Insurance Executive Lobbying the Legislature.  “Another questionable deal arose in May 2007, when Rubio sold his first home — the one he purchased in 2003 for $175,000 and had been renting — to Nora Cereceda. At the time of the sale, Cereceda’s son — chiropractor Mark Cereceda, who runs a chain of clinics — was aggressively lobbying Rubio over a state insurance issue. Nora Cereceda paid $380,000 cash for the house, a $205,000 profit for Rubio at a time when the market had begun to drop… Shortly after Dr. Cereceda’s mother purchased the home, Rubio removed the House’s block on the insurance provision and voted for it himself.”

Rubio Secured Pork-Barrel Funding for University and Hospital, Got Cushy Jobs for His Influence at Expense of Working People. “Florida International University announced Rubio had been hired to teach political science classes and do research part time for $69,000 a year. The job was never publicly advertised… That year, the university cut 23 degree programs and 200 jobs. Another 200 jobs were cut the next year… Rubio had been a good friend to the university. He helped secure $15 million for a hurricane center, $11 million for a medical school, $2.5 million for a student academic support center and millions more in other budget requests for FIU while he was speaker of the House… Around the same time, Rubio landed a $8,000-a-month consulting contract with Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami’s large public hospital, just months after he helped secure an extra $20 million state budget allocation for the hospital during his speakership. Omayra Hernandez, a mental health nurse with 25 years of experience, said Rubio’s nearly $100,000 contract is “definitely concerning” at a time when “we’re losing staff and seeing more patients, more suicides, more depression, more everything because times are hard and people can’t cope.”

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