RPOF calls on the Florida Education Association and Perennial Candidate Scott Maddox to Stop Lying to Voters

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FEA funds robo-calls to promote Maddox supporter and fake Tea Party candidate

TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Education Association (FEA) is funding robo-calls to voters promoting fake Tea Party Candidate and Maddox supporter Ira Chester in the Commissioner of Agriculture race. The calls appear to be another ploy by Democrat Candidate Scott Maddox, who was endorsed by the FEA earlier this year, to siphon votes away from Adam Putnam by using a life-long support of Maddox.

The FEA is using a recently formed 527 called Less Government Now. The major funding for this 527 is the Floridians for Education and Development, the FEA Solidarity Fund, as well as the Trial Attorneys through another 527 called Floridians for Effective Leadership.

This is a sleazy attempt by Maddox and the Teachers Union to confuse voters with a fake Tea Party candidate. Chester, a 75-year-old registered Democrat until a few months ago, was planted in the Commissioner of Agriculture race by Maddox in an attempt to siphon votes from Republican Candidate Adam Putnam.  Chester has contributed financially to every Maddox campaign including this current campaign.

“The Florida Education Association should explain to the teachers of Florida why they would spend their members’ dues to support a fake TEA Party candidate and interfere in the race for Commissioner of Agriculture when they have no stake in the issues pertinent to the office,” said RPOF Executive Director Ronnie Whitaker.  “These calls are just another example of desperation by career politician Scott Maddox and his pathetic attempt to gain power.”

Maddox’s lack of substance may be one of the reasons an overwhelming majority of newspapers, the Florida Law Enforcement community, every agriculture organization, firefighters and the business community have endorsed Putnam’s candidacy and vision for the future of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

For more information on Adam Putnam’s campaign for Commissioner of Agriculture, visit www.AdamPutnam.com or follow him on Facebook, www.facebook.com/adamputnam, and Twitter, @adamputnam.


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