Tea Party Nominee’s receive over 300,000 votes in first election.Looks to 2012

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As Chairman Fred O’Neal stated publicly several weeks ago that it would be a “victory just to have our Tea Party candidates on the ballot on November 2nd.”

That being said, the Tea Party was fortunate to have 20 Tea Party nominees on the ballot throughout Florida and many received significant percentages of the vote.

We were pleased that Tea Party nominee Peg Dunmire along with the 19 other candidates received over 300,000 votes in their respective races and that some candidates received upwards of 29% of the vote (Jason Weakley, Florida House, District 96) in their respective races.

This is very important since the Tea Party was just formed a year ago and we faced incredible opposition from the Republican Party of Florida and it’s “dirty tricks squad” with budget of $2,000,000 that was used to file bogus lawsuits; hundreds of thousands of illegal mailers; radio spots; phone calls and “volunteers” going door to door.

The Tea Party is also pleased that our two statewide candidates won their races – Tea Party favorite Marco Rubio and Governor-elect Rick Scott.  It should be noted that the Tea Party openly endorsed Rick Scott the weekend before the primary when McCollum was ahead by 10 points and that our endorsement was recognized by the media as being one of the major key’s to Scott’s victory.

The Tea Party will be holding a strategy meeting on Friday to map out initial planning for the 2012 elections.  Early estimates are that the Tea Party will field over 100 candidates from the US Senate to the Florida House in the next election.


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