CFO Sink And AG Mccollum Send Strong Letter To Feinberg On “Inefficient” Claims Process

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TALLAHASSEE – Florida CFO Alex Sink and Attorney General Bill McCollum today called again on Claims Administrator Kenneth Feinberg to improve the claims process for Floridians impacted by the BP oil spill. The Florida Cabinet members noted that of the over 150,000 claims filed by Floridians, only 40 percent have been paid, and that the recently released Protocols for Interim and Final Claims could potentially make it even more difficult for impacted Floridians to be compensated for their losses.

CFO Sink expressed her concerns with the “inefficient and unresponsive” claims process during last week’s Cabinet meeting.  At the meeting, she asked her fellow Cabinet Members to join her in sending a letter to Mr. Feinberg about the challenges Florida’s citizens are still facing and the need for immediate action in implementing an improved process.

“It is essential that the damage already done to Florida’s economy and environment not be compounded by an inefficient claims process for individuals and businesses that have lost income,” CFO Sink and Attorney General McCollum wrote. “We appreciate the opportunity to share our concerns and implore you to take immediate action to create a claims process that will provide a fairer, more rapid and more effective recovery for losses suffered by individual Floridians and Florida businesses.”

A copy of the letter is printed below. For additional information regarding CFO Sink’s efforts to assist Floridians impacted by the oil spill, visit:


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