Florida Attorney General Issues Statement After Hearing in Health Care Lawsuit

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PENSACOLA, FL – Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum today released the
following statement after the hearing in federal court in Pensacola,
Florida on the lawsuit challenging the federal health care law:

“Today, the States presented their argument that the individual mandate is
unconstitutional and that the massive expansion of the Medicaid program
under the new law coerces the states to spend their resources in a manner
that vastly exceeds Congress’s powers.

“This case is of pivotal importance to our Constitutional rights because
Congress has limited, enumerated powers under the Constitution and beyond
those specific powers, Congress cannot pass law.

“A federal court has already ruled the individual mandate is
unconstitutional, but no court has yet addressed the substantial burden
the Medicaid expansion will place on state budgets and taxpayers. The
states cannot just walk away from the Medicaid program, nor can the states
refuse the Medicaid expansion and its tremendous costs.

“Never before have we seen Congress intrude so far upon states’ rights and
individual liberty. This is public policy at the expense of our
Constitution and the founding principles of our nation, and it is
imperative that the states prevail in this suit.”


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