Rep. Hazelle Rogers Responds To HB 609 – a Wage Theft Bill

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Tallahassee, Fla. – Representative Hazelle Rogers (D-Lauderhill) issued the following statement in response to HB 609, a “wage theft” bill that the Florida House of Representatives approved today.

“Every day, workers across the State of Florida are either underpaid, forced to work off the clock, or not paid at all for work they have performed.  Wage theft is bad for everyone. It is bad for the economy. It is bad for employers who are fair. But most of all, it is bad for the workers who are struggling to support their families, especially in this economic climate.

“House Bill 609 will not only take away the ability of local government to address the issue with no solution offered at the state level, it also denies the claimant the right to a class action to enforce such unpaid wage claims.

“This is a serious issue as we attempt to protect the rights of workers to be paid for work performed. I will continue to be the eyes, ears and voice for all hard-working Floridians.”


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