Florida Legislature Passes Ban on Awarding Government Contracts to Companies with Dealings in Cuba and Syria

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Miami, FL – Today, the Florida Legislature passed House Bill 959 by State Representative Michael Bileca (R-Miami), the State and Local Government Relations with Cuba and Syria Act. When signed by the governor, the bill will prohibit local municipalities and state agencies from doing business with companies that are engaged in business dealings with Cuba or Syria. State Senator Rene Garcia was the senate sponsor of the bill.

“We must protect our money from being funneled off shore to prop up dictators and their totalitarian regimes,” said Representative Michael Bileca. “It is fundamentally wrong to support governments who terrorize their own people in order to maintain a state of fear and control.”

The critical legislation would also prohibit Florida’s State Board of Administration, which manages nearly $150 billion in state assets, from supporting an expansion of trade with Cuba or Syria.


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