Florida Board of Governors’ Annual Accountability Report Spotlighted by National Higher Ed Group

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla.—The Florida Board of Governors’ just-released “Annual Accountability Report” for 2010-11 – which tracks trends and includes strategic goals amid the 11 institutions in the State University System of Florida – has been highlighted by the national higher education executive offers’ organization as “a leading example nationally” of the way public university systems and governing boards are making university data more comprehensive, easier to understand, relevant to more stakeholders and more cutting-edge.

The State Higher Education Executive Officers – or SHEEO – spotlighted Florida’s accountability documents on its web site along with an “action plan” recently released by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education.

“For the past two years, the leadership and staff of the State University System of Florida have been on a fast track to building one of the most dynamic and public-friendly frameworks for understanding what works and what needs attention,” said Paul E. Lingenfelter, President of SHEEO, the State Higher Education Executive Officers.

“Taken with the Board of Governors’ Strategic Plan for 2025 released just a few months ago for the State University System, Florida is a leading example nationally of public university systems and governing boards making their data, successes and challenges more transparent and more relatable to stakeholders and taxpayers,” he said.

For the first time in its history, the Board of Governors’ Annual Accountability Report also includes an web-based interactive dashboard allowing for more narrow and custom comparative searches. Taking the 17 key performance indicators already in the Annual Accountability Report, a user can instantaneously sort for ascending or descending numbers and look at subsets of content in the Annual Accountability Report. Creating the brand-new on-line component took more than eight months from concept to execution, with existing staff and resources.

“We are gratified that SHEEO has highlighted our extensive progress in a short amount of time as we put the finishing touches on building the most accountable and measured framework of any public university system in the nation,” said Chancellor Frank T. Brogan. “The Annual Accountability Report’s sheer transformation was a Herculean effort by a small team, and we’re not finished yet. The Strategic Plan lays out our next decade of metrics with aggressive outcomes, while the University Work Plans will provide the underpinning of how we can achieve those goals.”

For more, see http://www.sheeo.org/resources/agen_pers.htm.

SHEEO is the national association created in 1954, by the executive officers of nine of the 10 statewide higher education boards then in existence. SHEEO today is comprised of the executive officers serving 28 statewide governing boards and 29 statewide coordinating boards of higher education – 48 states total are represented, in addition to the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. SHEEO promotes cooperative relationships with federal agencies, colleges and universities, and higher education and other associations in the following ways: the collection and exchange of data and information; the development of standard definitions and practices; the conducting of major studies; and the development of higher education in the public interest.

The Board of Governors’ Strategic Plan is located at a link from the home page, www.flbog.edu. Board of Governors Chair Dean Colson commented on several specific performance metrics in his “State of the System” remarks at the January 2012 meeting. For more and the video link to his remarks, see: http://www.flbog.edu/pressroom/news.php?id=427.

The 2010-11 Annual Accountability Report – approved at the most recent Board of Governors meeting – fulfills and exceeds certain statutory reporting requirements. Specifically, the Annual Accountability Report, along with the University Work Plans, address the following:
• Accountability components in Section 1008.46, Florida Statutes;
• Florida 21st Century Technology, Research and Scholarship Enhancement Act in Section 1004.226(9), F.S.;
• Tuition differential fee in Section 1009.24(16)(e), F.S. (transmitted and posted in tandem);
• Enrollment planning and budgeting information in Section 1011.90, F.S.; and
• Program approval in Section 1004.03(1), F.S.

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Media contact: Kelly Layman, Florida Board of Governors, kelly.layman@flbog.edu


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