Governor Scott’s Bill Action Today, April 6, 2012

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DATE: April 6, 2012

TO: Interested Media

FROM: Brian Burgess, Communications Director
Executive Office of the Governor

RE: Governor Scott’s Bill Action Today, April 6, 2012

Governor Rick Scott signed the following bills today, April 6, 2012.

The Governor signed the following bills today:

CS/HB 37 Knowingly and Willfully Giving False Information to a Law Enforcement Officer
CS/HB 95 Homestead Property Tax Exemptions
HB 103 Transfer of Tax Liability
CS/HB 173 Department of Juvenile Justice
CS/HB 357 Homestead Exemptions for Seniors
CS/HB 387 Electronic Filing of Construction Plans
CS/HB 435 Gilchrist County
CS/HB 465 District School Board Bonds
CS/HB 483 Uniform Commercial Code

CS/CS/HB 509 Pharmacy
CS/HB 517 Reducing and Streamlining Regulations
CS/CS/HB 521 State Preemption of the Regulation of Hoisting Equipment
HB 541 Administrative Procedures
HB 605 Hillsborough County
CS/CS/HB 653 Health Care Fraud
CS/HB 691 Beach Management
CS/CS/CS/HB 711 Sale or Lease of a County, District, or Municipal Hospital
CS/CS/HB 749 Consumer Services
HB 777 Criminal Penalties for Violations of Securities Laws
CS/CS/CS HB 799 Physical Therapy
CS/HB 809 Communications Services Taxes
CS/HB 827 Limited Agriculture Associations
CS/HB 867 City of Clearwater, Pinellas County
CS/CS/HB 887 Business and Professional Regulation
CS/CS/CS/HB 943 Background Screening
CS/CS/HB 947 Possession of a Firearm or Destructive Device During the Commission of an Offense
CS/CS/HB 979 Developments of Regional Impact
CS/CS/CS/HB 1001 Timeshares
CS/CS/HB 1011 Warranty Associations
CS/HB 1037 Eminent Domain
CS/CS/HB 1097 Sexually Violent Predators
HB 1127 Citizens Property Insurance Corporation
HB 1153 Broward County
CS/CS/CS/HB 1163 Adoption
CS/HB 1165 Identification Cards and Driver Licenses
HB 1183 East County Water Control District, Lee and Hendry Counties
CS/HB 1197 Agriculture
CS/CS/HB 1229 Reorganization of the Department of Children and Family Services
CS/HB 1255 Acme Improvement District and Lake Worth Drainage District, Palm Beach County
CS/HB 1277 Money Services Businesses
CS/HB 1287 Voluntary Contributions on Registration, Driver License, and Identification Card Forms
HB 1297 City of Dania Beach, Broward County
CS/HB 1357 District School Boards
HB 1381 West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority, Palm Beach County
CS/CS/HB 1383 Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
CS/HB 1481 Loxahatchee Groves Water Control District, Palm Beach County
CS/HB 1495 Spring Lake Improvement District, Highlands County
HB 4001 Florida Climate Protection Act
HB 4003 Growth Policy
HB 4027 Community-Based Development Organizations
HB 4061 Uniform Home Grading Scale
HB 4139 Repeal of Health Insurance Provisions
CS/HB 7003 Environmental Resource Permitting
CS/HB 7025 Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
CS/HB 7039 Transportation Facility Designations
CS/HB 7041 Governmental Reorganization
HB 7049 Human Trafficking
HB 7075 Military Installations
CS/HB 7081 Growth Management
CS/HB 7095 Clerks of Court
HB 7121 Ratification of Rules
HB 7125 Exemptions from Local Business Taxes
SB 140 Repeal of a Workers’ Compensation Reporting Requirement
CS/SB 186 Misdemeanor Pretrial Substance Abuse Programs
SB 278 Preventing Deaths from Drug-related Overdoses
CS/SB 364 Blood Establishments
SB 368 Financial Emergencies
SB 436 Video Voyeurism
SB 520 Veteran’s Guardianship
SB 524 Restraint of Incarcerated Pregnant Women
SB 608 Florida Healthy Kids Corporation
CS/CS/CS/SB 694 Adult Day Care Centers
CS/SB 730 Medicaid Managed Care
CS/SB 800 County Boundary Lines
SB 878 Florida College System Personnel Records
CS/SB 924 Special Observances
SB 990 Natural Guardians
CS/SB 1050 Fiduciaries
SB 1724 Mosquito Control Districts
SB 2058 Office of Legislative Services

The Governor vetoed the following bills today:

HB 865 Pinellas County Suncoast Transit Authority
CS/CS/CS/HB 177 Inmate Reentry
CS/HB 1117 Conservation of Wildlife

Please see the attached transmittal letter.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please call Governor Scott’s press office at (850) 717-9282.

# # #

4.6.12 Senate Bills Transmittal Letter

HB 1117 Veto Letter

HB 177 Veto Letter

HB 435 Transmittal Letter

HB 465 Transmittal Letter

HB 865 Veto Letter


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