STATEMENT BY: Nicolás Gutiérrez, Jr., FLA Energy Forum Chairman Regarding Federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Hearings Held Today in Jacksonville

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“This afternoon, Floridians and Jacksonville-area residents stepped forward to let the federal government know that we must reduce our reliance on foreign oil and increase domestic production. A critical first step toward energy independence is the approval of permitting for seismic surveying in the Atlantic Ocean. Without the data obtained through this research, we will never know what resources exist to help our country meet its growing energy demands. Knowledge is power, and these tests will yield the most up-to-date information using the latest technology possible to give us a clear picture of the resources available.

And, while new seismic surveys are a step in the right direction, that alone is not enough. Current policies prohibit companies from leasing land in this region and developing our natural resources until 2018. We simply cannot wait that long.

Further delays in developing Florida’s energy assets not only take another energy source off the table for every U.S. citizen, it also means that our state is missing out on billions of dollars of much-needed state revenue and more than 160,000 desperately needed jobs.

On behalf of the FLA Energy Forum, and all Floridians concerned about our energy future, I ask the federal government to permit seismic surveying of the Atlantic so America can ultimately fulfill the goal of energy independence and security.”


The FLA Energy Forum is non-partisan group of Floridians concerned about energy issues affecting the state. Members of the statewide forum support a balanced approach to increasing American supplies of energy, including expanded conservation efforts, development of renewable energy sources and increased domestic exploration of traditional energy sources.

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