Florida Residents Make Positive, Local Case for Obama in New Ad Campaign

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Contact: Damien Filer


Florida Residents Make Positive, Local Case for Obama in New Ad Campaign
Part of a national ad campaign, Polk, Osceola, Manatee County residents explain why they’re voting for President Obama in new 60-second spot

ST. PETERSBURG – Osceola County residents Patti Loding, Martha Anderson, and Bobby Hepler are joining Jack Banton from Lakeland and Shemmer Thomas from Bartow in sharing their personal stories about why they’re voting for President Obama this election through 60-second, documentary-style commercial airings on cable television and online.

“With all the negative attack ads lately, it’s hard to know what’s true and what can be trusted,” Loding said. “I know I’d rather hear from my neighbor than someone who is trying to sell me something. I figure other people would too, so I shared my story.”

To watch these three 60-second ads, which are airing this week and next week in Osceola, Manatee and Polk Counties, please visit: www.LocalVoices.org.

The commercials were created by Local Voices, an organization founded by Lee Hirsch, award-winning creator of the documentary “Bully,” aiming to bypass the spin of traditional negative campaign ads and prompt a real conversation among voters in swing states about how they benefited under the Obama administration.

In addition to these Polk and Osceola-focused commercials in Florida, Local Voices is running ads in swing counties in Ohio, Colorado, North Carolina and Virginia. The combined national campaign will spend more than $300,000 on cable television and radio ad buys, all targeted to adults 35+.

All of the Local Voices ads feature local people in their homes, place of businesses or out in the community engaging in activities that are important to them. In each ad, the featured voter identifies him or herself and explains his or her reasons for voting for the President.

Lee Hirsch, a Sundance-Film-Festival and Emmy-award winner, and creator of the documentary “Bully,” founded Local Voices, which produces and airs the positive political ads in battleground states.

“The filmmakers who volunteer with Local Voices’ grassroots campaign care about the election,” Hirsch said. “We traveled to swing states and talk to local people – nurses, teachers, firefighters – anyone willing to share their story and explain why they are voting for the president, then we share their stories for their neighbors to see. By doing this, we do our part to get honest information to undecided voters in important states.”


Founded in 2008 by Lee Hirsch, creator of the documentary BULLY, “Local Voices” is a Super PAC that produces and airs 60-second, positive political ads in battleground states. The ads feature local people who share their personal stories and reasons for voting for President Barack Obama. The commercial spots air on local television and radio stations and online. To learn more about Local Voices, visit: www.localvoices.org.



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