Florida House Democratic Caucus Member Response to Governor Scott Proposal on Corporate Income Taxes

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – State Rep. Jim Waldman (D-Coconut Creek) issued the following statement regarding Governor Scott’s announcement today about further reduction of a state corporate tax.

“Like other Democrats in Florida, I have long supported job creation and lower taxes. But as Democrats, we do not believe that tax breaks for corporations are the sole answer to improving Florida’s economic climate and making this state a stronger magnet for businesses and good jobs. As Democrats, we believe Florida must focus on improving our education system at all levels so that Florida continues to develop a solid and highly educated workforce. I believe that most Florida employers want a well-educated workforce, not necessarily tax cuts that do little to help grow their businesses.

“It’s hard to see how Governor Scott’s latest tax-cut proposal will match with his recent boasts of improving education. Rick Scott’s newfound interest in education is long overdue and welcome but it comes after years of drastic cuts to public schools by the Republican-led Legislature. I am hopeful that Rick Scott’s newfound awareness of our state’s education needs is not just lip service and political savvy.

“Floridians have given our state’s leadership direction on what they consider important. Some tax-cut proposals placed on the 2012 general election ballot by Republican legislators failed to earn the necessary threshold for approval. With these votes, I think Floridians are saying that they expect a high level of services from local government and they won’t fall prey to the political rhetoric and bumper sticker policies of the state’s Republican leadership.”

(Representative Waldman serves Florida House District 96 in Broward County. In the previous legislative session, he served on, among other panels, the House Finance & Taxation Committee.)



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