House Democratic Caucus Leadership Team

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TO: Florida House Democratic Caucus Members

FROM: Perry Thurston, Democratic Leader-designate

DATE: November 12, 2012

RE: Caucus Leadership Team

It is my honor and responsibility as leader-designate to assemble and prepare the Caucus leadership team. Therefore, in accordance with the Rules of the Democratic Caucus, I plan to nominate, subject to Caucus approval, the following leadership position:

· Representative Mia Jones as Democratic Leader pro tempore

Upon approval of a proposed change to Caucus rules, I plan to make the following appointment:

· Representative Jim Waldman as Democratic Floor Leader

Under Caucus Rule 3.1, I plan to make the following appointments:

· Representative Mark Pafford as Democratic Policy Chair

· Representative Darryl Rouson as Democratic Policy Advisor

· Representative Alan Williams as Democratic Whip

I also intend to submit to Speaker-designate Will Weatherford a list of recommendations for Democratic Ranking Members. The recommendations will include Representative Joe Gibbons as Ranking Member to the Appropriations Committee and Representative Janet Cruz as Ranking Member to the Ethics and Elections Subcommittee.

Collectively, the above-mentioned members constitute, with me, the Caucus leadership team.

At the appropriate time, I will make other caucus leadership recommendations and announcements.



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