Florida Department of Health Issues Suspension and Restriction Orders

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Contact: Office of Communications, Ashley Carr, (850) 245-4111

~Division of Medical Quality Assurance issues 25 ESO/EROs in the past 30 days~

TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Department of Health (DOH) has issued 25 Emergency Suspension Orders (ESOs) and Emergency Restriction Orders (EROs) for serious violations relating to the commission of crimes, standard of care, drug use, or for student loan defaults.

Eddy Tapia, Massage Therapist, West Palm Beach, FL
Mildred Crane, Registered Nurse, St. Petersburg, FL
Kerri Trefelner, Registered Nurse, Tallahassee, FL
Beverly Reyes, Registered Nurse, Panama City, FL
Jill Rickerson, Registered Nurse, Bradenton, FL
Cindi Finnegan, Registered Nurse, Tallahassee, FL
Patricia Goss, Licensed Practical Nurse, Satsuma, FL
Kathy Siano, Licensed Practical Nurse, Sebastian, FL
Margarette Gourdet, Licensed Practical Nurse, Sunrise, FL
Michael Bryant, Licensed Practical Nurse, Pensacola, FL
Brandy Lee, Licensed Practical Nurse, Satsuma, FL
Lisa Samala, Optician, Jacksonville, FL
Lindsay Wolfe, Pharmacist, Rockledge, FL
People’s Choice Pharmacy, LLC, Pharmacy, Tamarac, FL
EDF Group, Inc., Pharmacy, Miami, FL
Amanda Twehues, Registered Pharmacy Technician, Ponte Vedra, FL
James Schloder, Registered Pharmacy Technician, Middleburg, FL
Melissa Salerno, Registered Pharmacy Technician, Sarasota, FL
Angelia Hill, Certified Nursing Assistant, Saint Augustine, FL
Taquita Watson, Certified Nursing Assistant, Pensacola, FL
Jessica Hall, Certified Nursing Assistant, West Palm Beach, FL
Geraldyne Servil, Certified Nursing Assistant, Tallahassee, FL
Stephen Burleson, Physical Therapist, Jacksonville Beach, FL
Kim Avery, Registered Nurse, Tallahassee, FL
Lawrence Rothenberg, Medical Doctor, West Palm Beach, FL
To view the most recent ESOs, EROs, Final Orders and Administrative Complaints, please visit http://newsroom.doh.state.fl.us/2012/02/21/most-recent-esoserosadministrative-complaints/. For other information on Medical Quality Assurance, including information about enforcement terms or definitions, boards and councils, or the heath care practitioner licensing process, visit http://newsroom.doh.state.fl.us/category/healthcare-licensing/.

Emergency suspension or restriction orders are not considered final agency action, but are imposed as specified by section 456.074, Florida Statutes. The individual is entitled to a hearing before final action is taken by a regulatory board or by DOH.

The Department works to protect, promote and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county and community efforts.



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