WWHAT THEY ARE SAYING: Dr. Tony Bennett to lead Florida Department of Education

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Dr. Tony Bennett to lead Florida Department of Education

Florida State Board of Education Chairman Gary Chartrand: “It is exciting for Florida that Tony Bennett has agreed to lead the Florida Department of Education. His experience, vision, and leadership will help us meet our overarching goal of every student performing at or above grade level at 100-percent proficiency.”

Florida State Board of Education Vice Chair Roberto Martinez: “Tony is a visionary leader who, as a former teacher and principal, knows that the real work and progress is accomplished in the classroom.”

Florida State Board of Education Member Sally Bradshaw: “As the parent of a student in Florida’s public school system, I am excited about having a former classroom teacher as our commissioner. I know Tony Bennett will work diligently to make sure teachers have the resources they need to help students perform at their full potential.”

CEO of Associated Industries of Florida Tom Feeney: “The State Board of Education selected a Commissioner who will keep the momentum of Florida’s education system moving in the right direction. Tony Bennett is committed to making sure students reach their highest potential and is prepared for college and career. A well-educated workforce is the foundation for a stronger Florida.”

President and CEO of Florida Retail Federation Rick McAllister: “As a leading job provider, the Florida Retail Federation is keenly interested in strong leadership to drive our education system so students and teachers are performing at their highest potential. High-performing students lead to a high-performing workforce. Tony Bennett has the vision and experience to prepare our students for a 21st century economy.”

Florida State Board of Education Member Dr. A.K. Desai: “Tony Bennett will bring the leadership Florida needs to move our education system to a higher level where all students and teachers are performing at full potential.”

Florida State Board of Education Member Kathleen Shanahan: “Florida is leading the way with assessment and digital implementation that will assist our Common Core preparation and execution. Tony Bennett has been a founding member of PARCC and Common Core planning; he will guide Florida forward with valuable experience and direction. We are excited to welcome him to Florida.”

Florida State Board of Education Member John Padget: “Tony Bennett is the right leader for Florida at this time because of his intimate, hands-on knowledge of the Common Core State Standards, together with his work on the PARCC assessment tool, which will eventually replace the FCAT. He will work well with teachers and other stakeholders on the difficult and critical task of implementation.”



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