Governor Scott recommends increased law enforcement technology funding

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Governor Scott recommends increased law enforcement technology funding

TALLAHASSEE – Florida communities are safer today than over the past 4 decades. Building on a 41 year crime low, Governor Rick Scott’s budget provides $235.1 million to support the efforts of state and local law enforcement. His budget provides $2.7 million for crime laboratory technology and forensic scientists. These additional funds will provide crime lab analysts with the tools they need to continue providing timely DNA forensic analysis to support local law enforcement criminal investigations.

“Local law enforcement and prosecutors depend upon FDLE to provide accurate and timely forensic services to build their cases,” said Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Gerald Bailey. “Governor Scott’s budget provides us the tools and manpower we need to meet the increasing demand for DNA and toxicology analysis.”

In addition, the Governor’s budget supports state and local multi-agency task forces that are combating cyber and high-tech crimes. An additional $425,000 will provide training and necessary equipment to support these teams and their mission.

“The safety of Floridians will always be the primary concern of Florida’s Sheriffs. We applaud Governor Scott for recommending increased funding for technology and dollars that will assist local law enforcement,” said Florida Sheriff’s Association President and Highlands County Sheriff Susan Benton.

“These funds will benefit communities throughout Florida by enhancing the existing resources of local law enforcement agencies,” said Florida Police Chiefs Association President Dennis Jones. “We appreciate these recommendations from Governor Scott.”

For Further Information Contact:
Gretl Plessinger, Keith Kameg or Steve Arthur
FDLE Office of Public Information
(850) 410-7001


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