Florida City and County Management Association Presents Annual Awards

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CONTACT: Lynn Tipton, FCCMA Executive Director
ltipton@flcities.com/(850) 701-3637

Florida City and County Management Association Presents Annual Awards

Orlando, Fla. – Florida City and County Management Association (FCCMA) held its annual conference this week in Orlando at the Hilton Orlando Hotel. Today, the following awards were presented by President Joyce Shanahan at the annual business meeting and awards luncheon.

President’s Award: The highest honor the Association’s president can bestow; given to someone who has promoted and supported the council-manager form of government and excellence within the profession of local public management. Ms. Shanahan, city manager of Ormond Beach, completed her presidential year during the conference. She will remain on the board of directors as immediate past president.

The Honorable Fred Costello of Ormond Beach, D.D.S. – Former state legislator and former Ormond Beach mayor and city commissioner for his political leadership on behalf of local government in Florida.

Mr. Howard D. Tipton, retired city manager who resides in Port Orange – Awarded for his efforts in fire service consolidation among the county and municipal governments in Volusia and creating a model that other local governments can follow for greater efficiency in fire service delivery, and for his continued efforts in public pension reform for city governments.

“It gives me pleasure to present both of these awards to men who have truly made a difference for our local governments and who model the way as public servants,” said Ms. Shanahan.

Career Excellence Award: The FCCMA gives this award in recognition of a member whose overall career exemplifies a commitment to excellence. This year, it was awarded to Jim Landon, city manager of Palm Coast. Mr. Landon’s mayor, council and staff nominated him for the award based upon his commitment to fostering representative democracy; for his innovation in creating a Leadership Intern Training Experience (LITE) bringing management and employees together; and for Mr. Landon’s creative, progressive insight. Ms. Shanahan stated, “Jim is clearly bringing his management team and employees together in an out-of-the box way to solve problems and improve the city.”

Michael J. Roberto Award for Career Development: Given in memory of an FCCMA past president and longtime city manager who believed in building excellence within city and county staff. Awarded to Pamela Brangaccio, city manager, City of New Smyrna Beach, based upon her achievements in leading the city through a reorganization of its departments. The nominating materials stated, “Pam has been the change agent…is hands-on with her subordinates, giving direction, encouraging professional development and gaining cooperation. Pam is always accessible and flexible.” The award is presented each year by Mrs. Debbie Roberto, and she was introduced by Ms. Shanahan, who noted, “Pam is a tremendous role model for our profession and has been a mentor, coach and source of inspiration to so many of us.”

Assistant’s Excellence in Leadership Award: Given to Sally Sherman, deputy county administrator, Flagler County. In a career that has served Seminole County, the cities of Leesburg and Deltona and now Flagler County, Sally has provided nearly 35 years of dedicated, professional public service. Her nomination stated, “Sally is a leader and team player who can get the job done; she continually looks for ways in which she can develop other employees to ensure they reach their career goals. She comes with the finest moral character, the drive for excellence, a positive attitude and a strong work ethic.”

“If You Care, You Do! Awards: Given by the board of directors to recognize members that have gone above and beyond the ‘normal’ volunteering within the association that is expected of members. These individuals usually take on special projects or spearhead programs.

Mr. Kurt Bressner, Range Rider residing in Vero Beach – Awarded to Kurt for his dedicated outreach to members of the profession who are between employment posts. Kurt developed extensive job-hunting tools for them and set up regular conference calls for these members. He worked tirelessly to improve the association’s outreach.

Mr. Scott Andrews, recreation supervisor for the City of Temple Terrace – For two conferences, Scott has volunteered to be ‘master of ceremonies’ at events that he has helped to design; he also volunteers for multiple committees and attends as many association events as he can, while holding down a full-time job and pursuing a doctorate degree.

B. Harold Farmer Scholarship: Awarded to Mr. M. Shawn Sherrouse, assistant to the city manager, City of Auburndale. Mr. Sherrouse is a graduate student in public administration at University of South Florida and a U.S. Marine veteran. The scholarship is named for an FCCMA past president and longtime city manager in Florida who believed in the field of public administration for the betterment of local public management. The scholarship includes conference attendance and a stipend for the student’s use toward his degree.

Raymond C. Sittig Conference Scholarship: Created this year, the new award is given in recognition of the past executive director of the Florida League of Cities (1970 to 1995 and emeritus director until 2012) who died in November. Mr. Sittig was a valiant defender of local government home rule powers, and also served as an assistant city manager prior to his FLC career. The FCCMA board of directors created an essay contest among its members regarding the importance of home rule powers, and the inaugural award was presented to Mr. Terence Arrington, an ICMA fellow with the City of Fort Lauderdale. The scholarship covers registration and conference attendance expenses. Mr. Michael Sittig, executive director of the FLC and son of Raymond Sittig, presented the award.

Emerging Professionals Scholarships: Awarded by the FCCMA awards and scholarship committee to assist members in attending the annual conference. Each applicant prepares an essay identifying their financial need and the ability of their local government to send them to the conference for educational and networking benefits. This year, the scholarships were given to:

Ms. Alison Broihier, management analyst, City of Largo
Ms. Beverly Scott, assistant to the city manager, City of Belle Glade

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The FCCMA is one of the largest state associations of local public management professionals, and is an affiliate of the International City/County Management Association (ICMA). The association was formed in 1946 and has more than 540 members statewide, primarily working within county and municipal governments, although some members work for special districts.


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