Democrats to Crist and Sink: No Vacancy

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Elected Dems’ Proposed Rule A Rejection Of Charlie And Alex As Their Party’s Standard Bearer




State Rep. Jim Waldman Leading Effort To Change House Dem Caucus Rules To “Impose Penalties” Against Dem Legislators Who Vote Against “Official Caucus Positions.” “Rep. Jim Waldman of Coconut Creek, who is leading a committee of five House Democrats looking to rewrite caucus rules, confirmed to Sunshine State News that one of the rules he’s proposed would require Democratic members to vote in accordance with official caucus positions, and impose penalties if they vote against those stances without receiving the necessary dispensations from House Democratic leadership.” (Eric Giunta, “Are Florida House Democrats Getting Read To Purge Moderates From Caucus?,” Sunshine State News, 6/11/13)


Waldman Rule “An Orwellian/Small Tent Party Proposal.” “[A]n Orwellian/small tent party proposal by Florida House Democrats enabling the sanctioning of members who stray from official caucus positions.” (Adam C. Smith, “This Day In Crist-ory,” The Tampa Bay Times, 6/13/13)




In 2006, Crist Was Pro-Life, Saying He Would Ban Abortions. “Last year, Crist started calling himself ‘pro-life,’ but when pressed, acknowledged he does not support overturning Roe vs. Wade. Then, while Crist was campaigning in North Florida in March he told a Catholic priest that as governor he would sign a bill banning all abortions in Florida except those required to save a woman’s life … If lawmakers were to pass a sweeping ban on abortion in Florida, ‘I would sign it, but I don’t think that’s where we have to go. I think what we need to do is, as the president has said, “Encourage a culture of life.”‘” (Adam C. Smith and Alex Leary, “On Abortion, Crist’s Position Is A Moving Target, The St. Petersburg Times6/4/2006)


In 2006, Crist Praised Jeb Bush’s Tax Cuts. “There can be no doubt that Florida’s economic vitality in recent years is a direct result of the $19 billion Gov. Jeb Bush and the legislature have returned to hard-working Floridians through tax cuts.”(S.V. Date, “Crist Lauds Governor’s Tax Cuts, Vows More,” The Palm Beach Post, 6/9/06)


In 2002, Charlie Crist Stood Behind Gov. Jeb Bush In Announcing And Supporting Private School Voucher Expansion. (Jackie Hallifax, “68 Schools Fail Across The State,” The Northwest Florida Daily News, 6/13/2002)




Sink Doesn’t Support Democrat’s Cap-and-Trade Policies. ‘His Democratic rival for governor, CFO Alex Sink, doesn’t support the congressional plan, either. ‘While I believe we must address the effects of climate change on Florida,’ she said in a statement Friday, ‘I’m concerned about the potential impact that any proposals to reduce carbon emissions might have on Florida’s economy — especially in a time of deep economic distress.” (Aaron Deslatte, “Pols, Voters Abandon Go-Green Positions,”The Orlando Sentinel, 12/20/09)


Sink Disagrees with Democrats on Extension of Bush Tax Cuts. ALEX SINK: “Well, just yesterday, I expressed that I disagreed with his approach on — he wants to eliminate the Bush tax cuts. I think the Bush tax cuts ought to be extended because they impact small businesses tremendously. And you know that Florida’s a state of small businesses.” CHUCK TODD: “You want to permanently extend” SINK: “And so those tax cuts need to be extended.” TODD: “You want them permanently done or temporarily done” SINK: “Well, I’m not sure about temporary or permanent. I know that, right now, we’re in a terrible economic crisis, and I think that they should, most likely, be permanently extended because they’re all about support for small businesses. And we don’t need anything that’s going to inhibit our ability to increase jobs here in Florida. That’s what my campaign is all about.” (MSNBC‘s “The Daily Rundown,” 9/8/10)


Sink Proposed Merit-Pay Plan for Teachers.  “From placing a college-degreed teacher in every Pre-K classroom to establishing a merit pay plan for teachers, Alex Sink on Wednesday unveiled her ideas to revamp Florida’s public education system.  The Democratic candidate for governor called for helping students on the verge of dropping out of school. She said she would revise the way the FCAT is used to grade schools. She wants to increase the amount of state aid to financially struggling students who want to go to college.” (Lloyd Dunkelberger, “Sink Unveils Education Plan,”The Sarasota Herald Tribune, 9/2/10)


Sink Opposed President Obama’s Backing of a Mosque Near Ground Zero.  “Alex Sink, the leading Democratic candidate for governor, said this afternoon that she does not agree with President Obama’s backing of a mosque near Ground Zero. ‘Like all Floridians, I’m grateful for our constitutional right to freedom of religion,’ Sink said in a statement to the St. Petersburg Times. ‘When it comes to what to build close to the hallowed site of Ground Zero, I think it ought to be up to the people of New York City to decide. It is my personal opinion that the wishes of the 9/11 victims’ families and friends must be respected. They are opposed to this project and I share their view.”(Alex Learly, “Sink Bucks Obama On Mosque,”The Tampa Bay Times,08/14/10)




Rich Receives Endorsement From Florida NOW, “Has A Long History As A Liberal.” “The political arm of the National Organization for Women has issued an early endorsement for Nan Rich, dark horse Democratic contender for governor. According to an announcement from Rich’s campaign, Donna Slutiak, president of NOW’s political arm, called Rich ‘the best hope for Florida’s women.’ Rich, a former state senator from Weston, has a long history as a liberal on issues including abortion, gay rights and other social issues.” (William March, “Rich Gets NOW Endorsement,” The Tampa Bay Tribune5/21/13)


Rich Questions Whether Tax Cuts Are Good. “Rep. Nan Rich noted that Republicans have said they likely will seek more tax cuts this year. ‘We’ve had a lot of tax cuts in this state, maybe we don’t need any more,’ said Rich, D-Weston.” (David Royse, “House Passes Bill To Reduce Kidcare Waiting List, Change Eligibility,” The Associated Press,3/5/04)


Rich Voted Against Proposed Balanced Budget Amendment “[C]onstitutional amendment to replace state revenue limitation with appropriations limitation that limits state appropriations for any fiscal year to state appropriations for prior fiscal year plus growth adjustment; bases growth adjustment on Florida median household income rather than on aggregate personal income of Floridians.” (Bill Summary HJR 87 3/19/2002, Roll Call)


Rich Voted For Taxpayer Funding Of Any And All Abortions. “CS/HB 97 passed the House on April 27, 2011.  The bill was amended by the Senate on April 28, 2011, and subsequently passed the House on May 4, 2011.  The bill was approved by the Governor on June 2, 2011, chapter 2011-111, Laws of Florida, and takes effect July 1, 2011 … Under the PPACA, states are given the express right to prohibit abortion coverage for any health plans offered through an exchange if the state enacts a law to provide for such prohibition. Additionally, the PPACA specifies that the Act shall not preempt or have any effect on state laws regarding the prohibition of (or requirement of) coverage, funding, or procedural requirements on abortions. CS/HB 97 makes substantial changes to the insurance code and creates sections 627.64995, 641.31099, and 627.66996, and amends section 627.6515 Florida Statutes. This bill prohibits the use of state or federal funds to provide coverage for abortions in health insurance policies purchased through health insurance exchanges created under the PPACA.” (FINAL BILL ANALYSIS HB 97/ SB 1414 4/28/2011, ROLL CALL)


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