RPOF: This Day In CRIST-ory 6/18/2008 – Dems Drill (Baby, Drill!) Charlie

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What Florida Democrats Said On June 18, 2008 On Charlie Crist’s Newfound Support For Offshore Drilling


FLORIDA DEMOCRATIC PARTY: Charlie Crist ‘Panderer-in-Chief’ for Change in Offshore Drilling Position.  “Skyrocketing gas prices are causing pain at the pump, but lifting the protection of Florida’s shoreline won’t help. The fact is that offshore drilling will not reduce gas prices in the short-term even though John McCain, Charlie Crist and George W. Bush disingenuously claim it will.  The threat of Hurricane McCain’s plan to drill near our beaches is real, but the gambit has already baited panderer-in-chief Crist and part-time U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez into turning their backs on Florida. Will the rest of Republican rubberstamp flock now follow?” (Florida Democratic Party, “Florida Dems: McCain-Bush-Crist Drilling GOP’s Grave In Florida,” Press Release, Targeted News Service, 6/18/08)

  • FLORIDA DEMOCRATIC PARTY: Crist’s Embrace of Offshore Drilling a ‘Simply Shameful’ ‘Bald Faced Flip-Flop.’  “The Florida Democratic Party issued a statement citing Crist’s opposition to offshore drilling during his 1998 run for the U.S. Senate and 2006 campaign for governor. ‘If John McCain jumps off a cliff, will Charlie Crist jump too?’ asked party spokesman Mark Bubriski. He called Crist’s statement a ‘bald-faced flip-flop’ and ‘simply shameful.'” (Bill Cotterell, “Crist shifts on oil drilling,” Florida Today, 6/18/08)
  • FLORIDA DEMOCRATIC PARTY: Attacking Crist, Dems Claim Drilling Would “Only Increase Oil Companies’ Record-Breaking Profits.”  “Democrats also argued additional offshore drilling would not affect prices set on the world market.  ‘It would only increase oil companies’ record-breaking profits,’ said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Mark Bubriski.  He compared Crist’s reversal to his recent proposal for a temporary reduction of Florida gasoline taxes after McCain made a similar proposal at the national level. Sen. Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, criticized it as a campaign gimmick.  ‘If John McCain jumps off a cliff, will Charlie Crist jump, too?’ Bubriski said.” (Bill Kazcor, “Fla.’s Crist Has New View Of Offshore Drilling Ban,” The Associated Press, 6/18/08)

ALEX SINK: Crist “Not Very Green.” “Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink joined the chorus of Democrats, and some Republicans, sounding off in opposition to Gov. Charlie Crist’s call for oil drilling off the coast to offset rising fuel prices. She noted that, unlike his climate change push to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, his turnabout on oil drilling ‘doesn’t sound very green.” ‘Florida needs protection from Washington politics,’ Sink declared at a hastily called news conference. She said she learned of the news of the governor’s reversal today by reading news accounts, including a piece in the Wall Street Journal which she said left the impression that if the governor supports oil drilling, the rest of Florida does. ‘The more I thought about it, the angrier and angrier I got,’ she said. ‘We can’t be ruled by polls…The governor is one person, he’s one public official and I’m another statewide public official and I’m presenting the countervailing position.'” (Mary Ellen Klas, “Sink To Crist: Oil Drilling Is ‘Not Very Green,'” The Miami Herald, 6/18/08)

BOB GRAHAM: Crist’s Flip-Flop “Incomprehensible.” “Former Sen. Bob Graham tells us he’s horrified by the new John McCain/Charlie Crist drilling stance: ‘It’s incomprehensible to me, frankly. First the rationale of doing this – that there’s a relationship between the moratorium on drilling and $4 a gallon gasoline. I doubt there’s an economist alive that would make the case that there’s a near or longer term relationship between the moratorium and the price of gasoline.'” (Adam Smith, “Bob Graham: Drilling Plan “Incomprehensible”,” St. Petersburg Times Blogs, 6/18/08)

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