What They’re Saying About Rick Scott’s Obamacare Obstructionism

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With today’s good news that Obamacare premiums are going to cost Floridians less than expected, Rick Scott’s rationale for obstructing the law and denying health care to millions looks weaker and more partisan than ever. His resistance flies in the face of the moral, medical, financial, and common sense arguments for expanding access to affordable care.

Rick Scott’s latest stunt, blocking health care Navigators from entering health department buildings, is forcing county health departments to choose between public health and the Governor’s political posturing. As we have seen already, Pinellas and Broward have defied Rick Scott’s ban, and the Miami Herald reports that Miami-Dade county is preparing to join their ranks.

Here is just some of the latest coverage of Rick Scott’s war on Obamacare in Florida:

Headline: Obamacare marketplace premiums in Florida lower than expected

“‘Jan. 1 will be a new day for millions of Americans,’ said U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.”

 Tampa Bay Times 

Headline: Florida health care choices plentiful under Obamacare

“Florida, where an estimated 3.8 million people live without health insurance, ranks near the top of the nation in terms of choices.”

Bradenton Herald

Headline: Broward to defy governor’s call to ban navigators from health offices

Miami Herald

Headline: After Broward, Miami-Dade gets ready to defy Rick Scott’s anti-Obamacare order

Miami Herald

Headline: Obamacare navigators to work in public clinics in Palm Beach, Broward, and Pinellas counties

“Officials are pushing back against the state’s decision to ban Affordable Care Act counselors from conducting outreach at county health departments.”

Palm Beach Post

Sen. Bill Nelson: “The governor of Florida is making it abundantly clear he will stop at nothing to sabotage the new federal health-care law. And in so doing, he’s putting at risk some of the very residents he was elected to serve.”

Miami Herald Op-Ed

 Chan Lowe: “It’s more important to Scott to see the Affordable Care Act fail than to aid those it was designed to help.”

Sun Sentinel


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