New FDP Site Shows Voters How Rick Scott is Against Florida – And Always Has Been

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New Website and Social Media Campaign Connects Rick Scott’s Past and Present Misdeeds 

Tallahassee, FL — Today, the Florida Democratic Party announced a new website and social media campaign, “Rick Scott is Against Florida.” The campaign will inform voters about Rick Scott’s past misconduct as a CEO and his current misdeeds in Florida that are hurting families.

Visit the new website at

“This website will show voters how Rick Scott is working against Florida families. Before Rick Scott was governor, his company defrauded taxpayers and hemade hundreds of millions of dollars. When federal investigators asked questions, Rick Scott pled the fifth 75 times, and his company was sued for billions. As Florida’s governor, he has slashed public schools and colleges while hiding public records and enriching his wealthy campaign donors,” said FDP spokesman Joshua Karp.

“His whole career, Rick Scott’s priorities have been about taking care of himself and his friends, regardless of the rules. That’s what he’s doing as Governor,” added Karp.

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