How Rick Scott Runs Florida

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Tallahassee, FL — Rick Scott and his allies just don’t play by the same rules everyone else does. Yesterday, The Miami Herald reported that Rick Scott’s chief of staff, Adam Hollingsworth, had publicly lied for over a decade about his college education — and even the governor didn’t know.
After learning of this, Rick Scott failed to take any kind of corrective action. Instead, Scott said that he has “every confidence” in his aide and praised his “tremendous integrity.”
“Rick Scott was unaware his top aide had lied for years, and when told, did absolutely nothing about it. This is another unfortunate example of Scott and his allies acting as if the rules every other Floridian must follow don’t apply to them,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant.
“Even worse, Rick Scott’s casual acceptance of this incident cheapens the hard work of every Florida student who has sacrificed to earn a college education. How can Scott expect citizens to trust him if he permits this kind of behavior in his office? Floridians deserve better.”
Governor’s chief of staff admits he lied on resume in previous job. Adam Hollingsworth, the chief of staff and closest advisor to Gov. Rick Scott, admitted Friday that he lied about earning a college degree on his resume with a former employer. (The Miami Herald, 12/6/13)


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