Popular Hyperlocal TV Channel 30a Television adds The Burnie Thompson Show to Lineup

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30a Television is pleased to announce the addition of The Burnie Thompson Show to the 30a TV network.

Burnie hosts “The Burnie Thompson Show” on Talk Radio 101.1 FM weekdays from 11-2; and Fox 28 WPGX Television Sunday nights at 9:30. Broadcasting from the Liberty Lounge Studio to more than a dozen markets in the Sunshine State, Burnie shirks partisanship and instead appeals to that American yearning to be free.

30a Television will be the first to rebroadcast the new show.

“I’m excited to team up with the 30a TV Network to champion freedom in entertaining ways. We’re going to link arms, make a difference, and have a whole lot of fun doing it.” said Thompson.

Paul Vizard, CEO of 30a Media said, “30a Television is a mix of original programming and independent content providers, so the Burnie Thompson Show is a great addition to the 30a TV lineup.”

About 30a TV

30a  TV is a leading provider of hyperlocal TV programming in Northwest Florida, airing on Mediacom Ch8 and Comcast Ch 189, Roku and OmniBox Networks with 6 million subscribers, and worldwide at www.30a.tv

About Burnie Thompson

Burnie is a former Air Force Captain, college English teacher and free-lance columnist. He cares less about winning arguments than pursuing the truth and standing firm against the snoops, busybodies and thieves masquerading as public servants.




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