Hispanic Activists Say Lopez-Cantera Will be a Rubber Stamp for Scott’s Anti-Latino Policies

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Orlando, FL – In an effort to mask his anti-Latino policy priorities, Rick Scott announced Carlos Lopez-Cantera as his pick for Lt. Governor today.  Hispanic activists held a telephone press conference to warn voters that Lopez-Cantera’s selection won’t change Rick Scott’s priorities, which have been bad for Hispanic families.

“It’s a cynical act to pander to Latino voters,” said Marcos Vilar of Florida New Majority.   “Lopez-Cantera will be a rubber stamp for Scott’s anti-Latino agenda.”

Rick Scott campaigned aggressively on an anti-Latino agenda in 2010, supporting Tea Party backed, Arizona-style immigration policies.  While in office, Rick Scott has pursued and fought for policies that have hurt Hispanic families. Rick Scott’s anti-Latino agenda includes:

  • Efforts that restricted voting rights of Hispanics and other minorities at the election polls;
  • Vetoed a bill intended to make it easier for DREAMers to a Florida driver’s license;
  • Opposes in-state tuition for DREAMers;
  • Opposes common-sense, comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship at the federal level

“Rick Scott campaigned on an anti-Latino agenda in 2010.  While in office, he pushed for policies that would hurt Hispanic communities.  Now Scott’s repacking this extreme agenda with the Lopez-Cantera name,” said Edwin Enciso, an Hispanic activist from Tampa who works on immigration issues.

“Lopez-Cantera has told Latinos before that Rick Scott’s immigration policies would not be a problem for us.  He was wrong,” added Enciso.

Scott’s announcement comes one day after Hispanic citizens took part in a press conference to call out Rick Scott for his continued attack on voting rights.  While serving as a leader in the State House of Representatives in 2011, Carlos Lopez-Cantera voted for a Scott-backed law that cut early voting days and resulted in long lines at the polls during the 2012 election. In a highly ironic move, Carlos Lopez-Cantera praised the bill asserting it would actually increase voter access.


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