Florida NewsMakers: State Representative Matt Gaetz

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On this week’s “Florida NewsMakers” program, state Rep. Matt Gaetz of Shalimar sits down with Trimmel Gomes to discuss his push to legalize “Charlotte’s Web,” a non-euphoric strain of medical marijuana that can help ease the suffering of children suffering from epileptic seizures. “As a limited government conservative, I don’t want the government standing between parents and the care they need for their children,” said Gaetz, whose House Criminal Justice Subcommittee recently heard testimony from parents saying this is their best hope for helping their children. “We just have to get past some of the fear with the word ‘marijuana’,” Gaetz tells Gomes, “and get to where we can appropriately tailor its application where we don’t have abuse but where we can really do for people who haven’t chosen to have disabilities.” Gaetz remains opposed to a medical marijuana constitutional amendment, asserting that the referendum could lead to marijuana dispensaries on every corner. Gaetz also discusses the Legislature’s comprehensive review of the state’s sexual predator laws, as well stricter penalties for people who torture and abuse animals.


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