Democrat George Sheldon Releases First Issue Paper on the Importance of Early Childhood Development in Fighting Crime

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Series of issue papers will describe to voters what George Sheldon will do as Florida’s Attorney General

TAMPA, Florida — Attorney General candidate George Sheldon today released the first in a series of issue papers to describe for voters what he will do as Florida’s Attorney General.

“We need to get tough on the causes of crime,” he said in the paper, entitled “Invest in Kids: Fight Crime And Make Our Cities, State and Nation Stronger.”  The position paper says, “Dollars spent on a child before age 5 produce a higher economic benefit, and occur at a more optimal time of brain development, than if the same amount were spent when the child is older.”

Scientists have demonstrated that 85% of brain development happens before age 3, yet children in poor families experience a “word gap” of more than 30 million words exchanged between parents and child compare with children in higher-income families.

The paper notes that dozens of retired generals, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and retired Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke have called early childhood development a critical challenge in national security and economic competitiveness in the world.

“We need to be smarter about our intervention with the children and families who need help,” said Sheldon, who served for more than two years as secretary of the Florida Department of Children and Families and later as Acting Assistant Secretary for Children and Families for the federal government

“We need to spend our money more effectively. You can make the same investment for a child at age 10 and not get nearly the bang for the buck that you’d get with a smaller small investment at age two.  The return on investment can be enormous.”

The issue paper can be viewed and downloaded here:


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