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ORLANDO, FL (January 23, 2014) – Today, Secretary of Commerce and Enterprise Florida (EFI) President & CEO, Gray Swoope announced that EFI will host the Florida pavilion at Arab Health 2014, showcasing 21 small and mid-sized companies marketing their medical and healthcare products to an international audience. Arab Health is the second-largest medical trade show worldwide and will be held in Dubai on January 27-30. Florida was the first state to participate in Arab Health and has attended the show for nearly a decade.

Secretary Swoope said, “Our team is proud to introduce 21 Florida life science companies to the Middle East market at the Arab Health Show. This collaborative effort is a cost-effective opportunity for companies to showcase their products to an extensive and exclusive international audience. By helping to promote trade opportunities for these companies, we are helping them expand their reach and grow, creating new jobs for Floridians.”

The Florida Showcase, the largest state exhibit in the U.S. Pavilion, allows small and mid-sized life science companies to cost-effectively exhibit their products. Of the 21 companies, 12 of them were awarded a Target Sector Trade Grant. Without the assistance of EFI’s International Trade and Development efforts, many of the companies would not be able to attend and, without the pavilion, they would not be as successful and efficient in reaching such a large audience.

Florida companies and organizations participating in Arab Health and the Florida Pavilion this year include:

STAT Medical Devices’ Director of Sales, Jack Huls said, “My goal at Arab Health is to increase the exposure of Stat Medical Devices and our wide array of offerings to the diabetic community in the Middle East and Africa. Exhibiting in the Florida Pavilion gives us the opportunity to be a part of a professional group of organizations who happen to be from the same geographical area. I am really looking forward to the many business opportunities that will undoubtedly present themselves at this show with the help and assistance of Enterprise Florida.”

Integrity Life Sciences’ International Sales Manager, Gary Dixon said, “Arab Health has risen to international prominence and exhibiting there is a major focus each year. It is not only a great opportunity to exhibit our products regionally, but also a great opportunity to present our products globally. The great reputation of Florida medical device companies is well known. Therefore, exhibiting as part of the Florida Pavilion makes it easy for current and prospective customers to seek us out. Enterprise Florida provides essential resources to help us understand the healthcare market represented at Arab Health and to ensure we get maximum exposure.”

Gulf Fiberoptics Group’s Vice President, Craig Vogeley said, “This is Gulf Fiberoptics’ initial visit to Arab Health as an exhibitor. This trade show provides us unprecedented access to one of the few remaining regions of the world where we desire increased exposure for our products. Enterprise Florida continues to be an extremely valuable business partner for our international marketing efforts.”

Mercury Medical’s Director of International Business, Ivette Compton said, “This is our fourth year at Arab Health. We feel that our consecutive presence at this event demonstrates that we are committed about servicing the Middle East and doing business with our Arab partners. Enterprise Florida has supported companies in the biotechnology and medical device fields throughout the years, being part of the Florida group also helps us network amongst ourselves. Enterprise Florida acts as ambassadors on our behalf!”

Felipe Lerida, CPSGT from Neurovirtual USA Inc. of Doral said, “Arab Health is the largest medical health care exhibition and congress in the Middle East, as first time exhibitor attendees, we hope to establish strong distribution channels with knowledgeable vendors in the region for neurology and sleep diagnostic products. With a total of 3,000 exhibitors at Arab Health, the Florida pavilion allows companies of our size to distinguish our brand from the rest as a first world product based in Florida who meets the highest standards of the American and worldwide market. The assistance and support provided by Enterprise Florida is crucial for the worldwide distribution expansion of niche market companies like us and provides a much leveled playing field.”

Rumex International’s Marketing Manager, Margarita Maltseva said, “Rumex has been working in the surgical instrument market for 20 years, and during all this time we have developed partnerships with medical organizations of more than 50 countries. The Middle East is one of the markets where our presence is still insufficient and we hope to increase it over time. Arab Health 2014 is an enormous and ambitious event to participate in. It will help grow our local business contacts. As many healthcare professionals of Middle East take interest in the best quality and service that US companies have to provide, exhibiting in Florida pavilion is very convenient for us.”

Florida has nearly 1,000 biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, making it third in the U.S. for pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing businesses. Additionally, there are more than 44,000 healthcare establishments around the Sunshine State. In all, more than 700,000 healthcare professionals are employed in the state.

EFI maintains an extensive schedule of overseas trade missions and exhibitions worldwide. From January to November 2013, EFI hosted 15 major overseas events with 225 participants generating more than $775 million in actual and expected export sales by Florida companies.

Reported and documented sales from recent EFI international events include:

  • HOSPITALAR, Brazil

Nine Florida companies reported combined total actual and expected export sales of $19 million.

Florida exhibitors who attended the Germany-based show reported $158,785,500 in total projected sales.

Dubai Airshow resulted in more than $67 million in expected sales for 11 Florida aviation and aerospace businesses.

Arab Health is the second-largest event for the medical sector and the largest medical trade show in the Middle East. For nearly 40 years it has been established on every expert’s calendar. Arab Health is where the medical sector meets – 65,677 m² of floor space, 3,900 exhibitors from 64 countries, 38 country pavilions, and numerous forums and congresses. Enterprise Florida plans to attend MedExpo in Kenya, Africa and will be the first U.S. state to have a pavilion in this upcoming medical trade show


Enterprise Florida, Inc. is the principal economic development organization for the state of Florida. The legislatively-mandated organization is a public-private partnership between Florida’s business and government leaders, and serves to expand and diversify the state’s economy through job creation.



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