Rubio at it again… trying to have it both ways on an issue

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This morning on Meet the Press, Senator Rubio was asked about Arizona’s controversial anti-LGBT legislation that was vetoed last week.

True to form, Rubio once again tried to placate both sides on the issue.  Rubio’s position and record are crystal clear — he believes that some businesses should legally be able to discriminate against Americans just because of who they are.

Here’s the transcript of what Rubiohad to say on the Arizona bill today:

“Well, I don’t believe that gay Americans should be denied services at a restaurant or hotel or anything of that nature. I also don’t believe however that a caterer or photographer should be punished by the state for refusing to provide services for a gay wedding because of their religious held believes. We’ve got to figure out a way to the protect that, as well.”

This isn’t the first time Rubio has said that he thinks some businesses should be able to legally discriminate against other Americans. Last year, Rubio joined with numerous other Republicans to co-sponsor federal legislation similar to the Arizona bill.

It’s clear where Senator Rubio stands – and it’s not on the side of fairness and equality for all Americans.


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