Senator Arthenia Joyner Remembers Governor Reubin Askew

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TALLAHASSEE – Reflecting on the life and legacy of Reubin Askew, Senator Arthenia Joyner (D-Tampa) on Wednesday offered the following statement as the family prepares to return Florida’s 37thgovernor to his final resting place:

“As a student, and, later, as a young lawyer no one would hire because of the color of my skin, Governor Askew was the wrecking ball to tear down the walls of separation. His determined belief in equality was stronger than the prejudices of those times, and he summoned Floridians to believe with him that character mattered above any color.

“By appointing the first black justice to the Florida Supreme Court, Governor Askew gave me, and gave many like me, a reason to believe that with hard work and true convictions, all things were possible. He changed the color of the judiciary in Florida.

“A man of his word, and a man of integrity, he remains a testament to the good government can do under courageous leadership, and a reminder of the obligations government owes to the people it was created to serve.

“As his family says its final goodbye, I hope they remember that we remain in their debt. Their husband, father, and grandfather left us a legacy to inspire us now and generations to come, because he taught, by example, what true service for the people is all about.”


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