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NW Corner of the basement of the Dirksen Senate Office Building
100 Constitution Ave NE at State St.

Business leaders to meet with Senators Reid, Harkin, Durbin, Hagan, Johnson,
Manchin, McCaskill, PryorHouse Democratic Whip Hoyer, House Minority Leader Pelosi,

Congressman Miller and the office of Senators Ayotte, Bennet, Corker, Donnelly, Inhofe, Kaine,
King, Kirk, Landrieu, Nelson, Portman, and Warner

Washington, DC — This Wednesday and Thursday two dozen of the country’s top business leaders will storm the Hill to demand a higher minimum wage. Members of the Smart Capitalists for American Prosperity and Business for a Fair Minimum Wage–together representing hundreds of leading American businesses–will argue that a higher minimum wage will increase demand, create new customers for American businesses, and stimulate the economy. They will ask lawmakers to support the upcoming Senate vote on the Fair Minimum Wage Act. The Smart Capitalists and Business for a Fair Minimum Wage represent many of the country’s top financiers, business leaders, and investors who all agree that the federal minimum wage must be raised to at least $10.10 per hour and indexed to inflation.

Over the next two days the group will meet with senior White House officials, as well as Senators Reid, Harkin, Durbin, Hagan, Johnson, Manchin, McCaskill, Pryor, and with leading advisors to Senators Ayotte, Bennet, Corker, Donnelly, Inhofe, Kaine, King, Kirk, Landrieu, Nelson, Portman, and Warner to rally support behind this critical measure. They will also meet with House Minority Leader Pelosi, House Democratic Whip Hoyer, and Congressman Miller to discuss how to pass the measure in the House.

On Thursday at 8:30am the group will host a breakfast roundtable discussion with members of the press in Dirksen Cafe, located in the northwest corner of the basement of the Dirksen Senate Office Building. To join this breakfast discussion, members of the press should RSVP to David Berman at or (914) 299-1086.

The Smart Capitalists for American Prosperity boasts leaders from both sides of the aisle including: former publisher ofThe American Conservative Republican Ron Unz; investor and former White House Chief of Staff Democrat Erskine Bowles; famed venture capitalist and Managing Director of Greycroft LLC Alan Patricof; real estate mogul Jeff Gural; venture capitalist and co-founder of Alta Partners Garrett Gruener; co-founders of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield; investor Peter Stamos; TV Host Rick Steves, media investor and entrepreneur Leo Hindery, Jr; former investment banker and Harvard Business School professor Rob Kaplan; investor Daniel Berger; investor Lawrence Benenson; and many others.

Business for a Fair Minimum Wage is a national network of business owners and executives including: Costco, Eileen Fisher, Ben & Jerry’s, Dansko footwear, New Belguim Brewing, Seventh Generation, Parnassus Investments, Organic Valley, Zingerman’s, American Sustainable Business Council, Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Alliance, ABC Home, National Latino Farmers and Ranchers Trade Association, Uncommon Goods, Equal Exchange, American Income Life, and many others.

The Minimum Wage issue has gained significant momentum as polls show the vast majority of Americans want it raised; Congress is ramping up to vote on the Fair Minimum Wage Act; President Obama raised the minimum wage for federal contract workers to $10.10 an hour; Americans United for a Change kicked off it’s Give America A Raise bus tour; andpolitical strategists weigh the impact on the 2014 mid-terms. President Obama: — “It’s time to give America a raise. It’s not bad business to do right by your workers; it’s good business.”

The Smart Capitalists think a higher minimum wage is exactly what businesses, workers, and our economy needs.

Former publisher of The American Conservative Ron Unz says: “Raising the minimum wage would drive up the demand and increase revenues for American business. It would also save taxpayers billions by ending the backdoor subsidy to low-wage businesses through food stamps and other government programs.”

Leo Hindery, Jr., Managing Partner at Intermedia Partners (NY) says:
“A thoughtfully increased minimum wage would indisputably lead to an increase in total consumption and higher demand for goods, and thus to increased overall employment.”

Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (VT) said:
“Ben & Jerry’s succeeded for one reason: customers. Invest in America’s customers–raise the minimum wage.”

Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (VT) added:
“There is only so much Chunky Monkey one rich guy can eat. For Ben & Jerry’s to succeed, we need more than one ice cream buying rich guy. Raise the minimum wage and everyone can have a scoop.”

Erskine Bowles, Investor and former White House Chief of Staff (NC) says:
“This great nation succeeds when all Americans can succeed. A fair minimum wage will ensure dignity for our people and our families.”

Alan Patricof, Managing Director of Greycroft LLC (NY) says:
“We need to make sure that people who are working full-time can support themselves and their children by ensuring that they can sustain an adequate living in today’s cost structure. In the interest of basic fairness, we need to bring wages in this country to a respectable level.”

The Smart Capitalists are available for comment and/or television and radio booking. If you would like to speak with a Smart Capitalist or host one on your program, please contact David Berman at or (914) 299-1086.


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