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Dear media members:

Thank you for sharing the SunRail Opening Day Ceremony with us. Now comes the first day of passenger service on Thursday, May 1.

Here what is planned. Five different trains will be handling SunRail peak service beginning tomorrow morning. Please consult the southbound and northbound schedules. A SunRail team representative will be on each train.

Also, we will be running the line just as we would when we start revenue service, which means this–when the train gets to the end of the line at DeBary, Sand Lake Road, and in certain instances Sanford, passengers will have to disembark for safety and security reasons. You may re-board after the train is prepped to go the other direction. But once peak service ends, and off-peak service starts, there will be longer wait times for the next train. Please consult the schedule to figure what works best for your needs.

Also, please remember safety:

  • Space is limited on the platforms and much will be occurring, so please, no setting up equipment, tripods, cables, live shot backpacks, or doing live shots, etc. on the platforms.
  • If you ride the trains to do coverage, please do not block the aisles, vestibules or interfere with train operations with your person or equipment. We appreciated media support and cooperation on Wednesday during the ceremonial trip, but there were some isolated instances where issues occurred. Again, passenger safety—and your safety—is a priority.
  • Please stay off the railroad right of way. Unless at a station platform, you need to be at least 25 feet back from the tracks.
  • TV stations, please figure your live truck mast height into the equation if you park near railroad tracks. It is highly unlikely, but if your truck were to tip, the mast cannot block the tracks, or fall into the right-of-way.
  • Please do not block the bus lanes with live trucks or news vehicles; please park in regular parking lot spaces, just as other vehicles do.

Secondly, as you do every day, we ask that you be mindful of passengers and staff, particularly since this is an exciting time, as much of this will be new. Ambassadors and other SunRail staff will be extremely busy and if you ask them for comment, please understand the reasons they refer you to the public information office. We will do our best to make sure that you have what you need.


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