Governor Scott Announces $1 Billion For Port And Trade Infrastructure

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Governor Scott Announces $1 Billion For Port And Trade Infrastructure

Let’s Keep FLORIDA PORTS Working Plan Includes Billion Dollar Commitment Over Entire Eight-Year Term In Office

Tampa – Governor Rick Scott today, at Port Tampa Bay, unveiled his commitment to Florida ports and announced $1 billion for ports over his entire eight-year term in office. Over the past four years, Florida has invested over $700 million dollars in port and port-related or trade-related infrastructure under Governor Scott’s leadership.

Last fall, Governor Scott announced a $10.4 million commitment to improve the Port Tampa Bay container yard. This project will provide new berthing facilities, dredging, warehouse space, cargo handling, and storage capabilities, helping to support the expansion of the current container terminal facility. This commitment means 525 construction jobs, up to 1,400 new permanent jobs and retaining 2,500 existing jobs.

Governor Rick Scott said, “As we work to create even more jobs for the next generation, investing in our ports is key to our success. Our ports are our connection to global commerce and the world. If we want to become a destination for the world’s tourists and for the world’s jobs – we have to keep investing in our ports.

“While many states waited on Washington to help fund infrastructure needs, Florida never waited on the federal government to step in and help us be more competitive or successful. In Florida, we have made investments in our seaports and expedited funding for major ports projects and I am proud we are committing to invest a total of $1 billion in Florida’s ports over our entire eight-year term in office.”

In addition to a billion dollar commitment in Florida port and trade infrastructure, Governor Scott is also committing to the following:

1.      Continue investing in Seaport Infrastructure

  • Continue support for Florida Seaport Transportation and Economic Development Program and Strategic Port Investment Initiative at the current, historic levels.
  • Ensure that Miami Deep Dredge is completed on time.
  • Support new dredge and infrastructure projects at other Florida ports to continue to elevate the competitiveness of the entire Florida ports system.

2.      Develop and Execute Florida’s Freight and Logistics Capabilities

  • Continue support of the Intermodal Logistics Center (ILC) support program, which provides a $5 million annual allocation to help construct access improvements for centers planned and funded with private sector funds.
  • Highlight Florida’s freight strengths so that shipping companies, freight consumers and international trading partners see Florida as a state competitive and cost-effective partner that can handle their freight needs and get goods quickly to market.
  • Ensure that transportation infrastructure and regulatory requirements allow for the development of major national distribution centers for companies after their freight enters through our ports.

3.      Market Florida ports in-state to capture the Florida inbound cargo market and market Florida ports around the nation and the world to develop new trading partners for Florida and its ports.

4.      Manufacture more goods in Florida to create jobs and fix the “empty container” problem.

According to the Florida Ports Council, cruise and cargo activity at Florida ports generate more than 680,000 direct and indirect jobs and $96 billion in total economic value. For every $1.00 invested in Florida seaports, Florida’s economy experiences $6.90 in economic activity.

Please find .pdf version of Governor Scott’s Let’s Keep FLORIDA PORTS Working Plan HERE.

NEW JERSEY GOVERNOR CHRIS CHRISTIE: “Charlie Crist neglected Florida’s economy while he was governor and decided to make it worse by raising taxes, increasing debt and leaving a $3.6 billion deficit behind. Crist also neglected Florida’s ports – a key part of this state’s economy – and it led to over 150,000 trade jobs being lost in Florida. Governor Scott has done the opposite, making smart investments into ports, leading to the creation of over 120,000 trade jobs. I’m used to seeing career politicians like Charlie Crist in New Jersey – all TALK and NO ACTION. But like me, Governor Scott cleaned up his predecessor’s mess and Florida is much better off for it.”

SENATOR JEFF BRANDES: “I applaud Governor Scott for his impressive commitment to Florida’s ports. This investment ensures sustainable job growth for Floridians by developing and securing our position as an unparalleled leader in international trade. We are fortunate to have a Governor who is investing in our ports and infrastructure.”

REPRESENTATIVE DANA YOUNG: “The efforts made by Governor Scott and his administration to increase international trade opportunities are going a long way to turn Florida’s economy around. More families will find jobs as a result of bold investments like this $1 billion commitment to our seaport infrastructure. We’re increasing trade, growing manufacturing and getting our state back to work thanks to Governor Scott. It is for these reasons and more that I am announcing today my official endorsement of Governor Scott as he seeks a second term in office. Governor Scott has shown tremendous leadership in getting our state back to work and  I am excited to stand with him as we keep working for Florida’s families, businesses and ports. Let’s keep working!”

REPRESENTATIVE DAN RAULERSON:“Governor Rick Scott is actively elevating Florida’s competitiveness in international trade through investments in our seaport infrastructure. This announcement of $1 billion for our ports is a major victory for manufacturers, exporters and importers in our state. More and more companies are going to choose Florida ports to conduct their business as a direct result of this investment and we thank the Governor for giving us this opportunity to grow. It would be a shame to see this opportunity lost under Charlie Crist’s leadership again, and look forward to a victory for Florida families, businesses and ports this November as we secure a second term for Governor Scott.”

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY COMMISSIONER SANDY MURMAN: “I don’t believe any other governor in Florida’s history has worked as tirelessly to bring jobs into our state as Governor Rick Scott has. His commitment of $1 billion to Florida’s seaports is a solid promise to Florida families of long-term job creation. Thanks to his leadership, we’re strategically positioning the Sunshine State to lead the nation in international trade and we are honored to host him here today in Tampa.”

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY COMMISSIONER VICTOR CRIST: “We are fortunate in Tampa, and across the state, to have a Governor who cares about and invests in our ports and infrastructure. With this $1 billion commitment by Governor Scott, we will be well on our way to leading the nation and the world in trade and I look forward to witnessing the Tampa Bay area prosper even further under Governor Scott’s leadership.”



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