Governor Rick Scott to Announce $10 Million Risk Taker Reward on Statewide Let’s Keep SMALL BUSINESS Working Tour

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Tallahassee – Governor Rick Scott will kick off a two-week Let’s Keep SMALL BUSINESS Working tour tomorrow to discuss his commitment to promoting growth and opportunity through Florida’s small businesses. Governor Scott will introduce new small business-focused policies and will announce a $10 million “Risk Taker Reward” that will reward entrepreneurs and small business for developing innovative solutions to tackle specific issues with private capital. The Governor’s small business plan also proposes annual business competitions hosted by Florida colleges and universities throughout the state, with the winning plan at each institution receiving an award of up to $100,000.

STATEMENT FROM GOVERNOR RICK SCOTT: “Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. As someone who has owned a small business, I know the risk and sacrifice Florida families make every day to create opportunities throughout our state. We’ve worked hard to build new jobs and opportunities and we’ve seen the results – over 600,000 new private sector jobs. I want Florida to be a land of opportunity where small businesses can create jobs and our families can succeed. Let’s continue to encourage our job creators to take the risks and make the investments that put Floridians to work.”

The Risk Taker Reward would partner the State of Florida with private entities to incentivize Florida businesses and non-profits to develop answers to generational challenges – an incentive that can ensure that the private market tackles public challenges. Like the Risk Taker Reward, the State Matching Grant Program encourages innovation and competition by pairing private funds and state funds to foster competition, explore new markets, and create new jobs.

The Let’s Keep SMALL BUSINESS Working tour will span the next two weeks and will include stops around the state. It kicks off tomorrow in Miami.

Find a .pdf version of Governor Scott’s Let’s Keep SMALL BUSINESS Working plan HERE.


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