Rep Perry Thurston: Investigate Fair Districts Foul Play

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Rep Perry Thurston: Investigate Fair Districts Foul Play

Fort Lauderdale – Representative Perry Thurston called on Pam Bondi Thursday to investigate the potentially criminal activity that has come to light during the Fair Districts trial in Tallahassee.

“Redistricting is at the heart of our democratic process,” said Thurston. “I was proud to lead the fight to pass the Fair Districts Amendments in 2010 to make our maps better represent the will of our state. It is clear that there was unethical, if not outright illegal behavior while the maps were being drawn. Pam Bondi should immediately open an investigation into any and all illegality that may have taken place.

The lawsuit, which was brought by non-partisan groups including the League of Women Voters and Common Cause, should conclude later this week. During the trial, the following activities of Republican staffers and consultants came to light:

  • The identity of an FSU college student was misappropriated to create the appearance map recommendations came from the public
  • A legislative staffer leaked a copy of the maps to a Republican political consultant two weeks before they became public
  • E-mails were deleted from state computers to avoid a paper trail under the open records law

“We all know Pam Bondi is busy protecting Floridians from the “significant public harm” of same-sex marriage, but she should be worrying about defending the integrity of the democratic process,” said Zachary Meunier, Thurston’s Campaign Manager. “She has enough evidence to launch an investigation so what is the hold up? The sad truth is that once again she is putting the interests of her political allies in Tallahassee ahead of citizens’ interests.”


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Contact: Zachary Meunier, 954-683-2245


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