Let’s Get To Work Releases New TV Ad “4 Years Ago”

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Let’s Get To Work Releases New TV Ad “4 Years Ago”

Charlie Crist Doesn’t Want To Talk About What Happened Four Years Ago

Today, Let’s Get To Work released a new TV ad, “4 Years Ago.” The ad highlights Charlie Crist’s failures as Governor, including allowing college tuition to increase up to 15% each year, and 3,000 teachers getting laid off. Instead of talking about what happened four years ago, Crist is distorting events from 20 years ago.

The television and on-line buy will begin airing on Tuesday in select markets.

STATEMENT FROM RPOF CHAIRMAN LESLIE DOUGHER: ” Charlie doesn’t want to talk about what happened four years ago: slashing education funding, skyrocketing tuition, and teachers getting laid off. He is so desperate to run away from his failed record that he’ll say and do just about anything to avoid talking about it.”



VOICE: Guess how Charlie Crist begins his campaign. With false ads distorting events from nearly 20 years ago.

CHYRON: Charlie Crist Begins Campaign, 2014

VOICE: Charlie is talking about 20 years ago because he doesn’t want to talk about 4 years ago, when he was Governor.

CHYRON: 1995, 20 Years Ago, 2010, Charlie Crist As Governor


PolitiFact Confirms Scott Was Never Questioned Or Charged In Medicare Case.  “As part of the 2000 settlement, Columbia/HCA agreed to plead guilty to at least 14 corporate felonies. A corporate felony comes with financial penalties but not jail time, since a corporation can’t be sent to prison.  Among the 14 felonies, Columbia/HCA pleaded guilty to three counts of conspiracy to defraud the United States.  Also, four Florida-based Columbia/HCA executives were indicted. Two were convicted of defrauding Medicare in 1999 and were sentenced to prison, only to have those convictions overturned on appeal. A third executive was acquitted and a jury failed to reach a verdict on the fourth.  Was Scott close to going to prison for his part in the case?  It appears not at all.  The former CEO was never indicted and was never questioned in the case, he says. He may have been a target of the investigation — an ABC News report from 1997 says he was — but that never translated into charges.”(Aaron Sharockman, “Rick Scott And The Fraud Case Of Columbia/HCA,” Politifact, 6/11/10)

Rick Scott Took Responsibility For The Mistakes That Were Made By Employees Of Columbia/HCA.  “In interviews, Scott accepts responsibility for the problems at Columbia/HCA, but denies direct knowledge of the fraud.  “There’s no question that mistakes were made and as CEO, I have to accept responsibility for those mistakes. I was focused on lowering costs and making the hospitals more efficient,” Scott told the St. Petersburg Times this month. “I could have had more internal and external controls. I learned hard lessons, and I’ve taken that lesson and it’s helped me become a better business person and a better leader.”(“Rick Scott ‘Was Forced To Resign As The Head Of A Company That Pled Guilty To Massive Amounts Of Systematic Fraud, Including 14 Felonies, Leading To A Historic $1.7 Billion Fine.’” Politifact, 5/18/10)

But Charlie Crist Won’t Take Responsibility For Florida’s Crash Under His Reign as Governor.  “During his 30-minute speech, Scott took thinly veiled shots at Democrat Charlie Crist, who is Scott’s top challenger.  Scott, a former health care executive, is eager to frame the election around the state’s recovering economy and he’s using the fact that 825,000 jobs were lost under Crist’s administration to make the case.  “They say it doesn’t matter who was running our state – that anyone would have been just a victim of the times,” Scott said during the address. “I disagree.”  In reply, Crist blames a larger global economic collapse and says Scott hasn’t done enough to help the recovery.”(Matt Dixon and James Rosica, “Scott Pushes Tax Cuts, Bashes Crist In ‘State Of The State’,” Tampa Tribune, 3/4/14)  


VOICE: Governor Crist cut education by $300 million.

CHYRON: “Education funding was slashed …” The Orlando Sentinel, 5/28/08; “Public schools will lose $332 million …” The Orlando Sentinel, 5/28/08

VOICE: Under Governor Crist, 3,000 teachers laid off.

CHYRON: 3,000 Teachers Laid Off, Center for Economic and Policy Research, 9/09


In May 2008, Charlie Crist Cut $332 Million To Education, Leading To More Than 3,000 Teachers Being Laid Off. “Education funding was slashed, forcing schools and universities to cut budgets, reduce enrollments and eliminate staff. Public schools will lose $332 million in the budget sent to Gov. Charlie Crist — a cut that amounts to $131 for each student.”; Center for Economic and Policy Research layoffs source list notes 3,688 teachers that were laid off in 2008-2009. (Christopher Boyd, “Selling Of Florida May Be Tougher Because Of Budget Cuts,” The Orlando Sentinel, 5/28/08; Matt Sherman and Nathan Lane, “Cut Loose: State And Local Layoffs Of Public Employees In The Current Recession,” Citation 1, “Layoffs Source List,” Center for Economic and Policy Research, September 2009)


VOICE: Governor Crist allowed college tuition to go up 15 percent every year.

CHYRON: “A tuition increase of up to 15 percent …” The Tampa Bay Times, 5/27/2009

VOICE: Our schools and students paid the price.

CHYRON: Schools and students paid the price.

VOICE: Slick politician. Lousy Governor.

CHYRON: Charlie Crist: Slick Politician. Lousy Governor .

VOICE: Sponsored by Let’s Get To Work.

CHYRON: Sponsored by Let’s Get To Work.


In 2009, Crist Signed A Budget Allowing College Tuition To Be Raised Up To 15 Percent Per Year. “Instead, this is a budget patched together with federal stimulus money, gambling proceeds, higher cigarette taxes and increased fees. Without the federal money, public education would have faced further cuts instead of a $25 increase per student. A tuition increase of up to 15 percent covers up another cut of more than $100 million in general revenue to universities.” (Editorial, “Patchwork Budget Only Short-Term Fix,” The Tampa Bay Times, 5/27/2009)

The Orlando Sentinel: “Florida Gov. Charlie Crist Changes Tune, Backs Higher Tuition.” (Luis Zaragoza, “Florida Gov. Charlie Crist Changes Tune, Backs Higher Tuition,” The Orlando Sentinel, 11/21/08)

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