In Declaring Victory, Clawson Says: “Southwest Florida is Back!”

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In Declaring Victory, Clawson Says:
“Southwest Florida is Back!”

BONITA SPRINGS – After a grueling spring campaign, Congressman-Elect Curt Clawson spent much of the general election cycle campaigning for party and voter unity in Southwest Florida, while sharing the Republican message of growth and opportunity with non-traditional Republican communities.

In his remarks at the Barefoot Boat Club in Bonita Springs tonight, after being declared the winner for the Special Election in Florida’s 19th Congressional District, Clawson stated:

“Southwest Florida has seen some tough times of late, from our economy to not having a voice in Congress.  I am here tonight to say we have turned the corner and Southwest Florida is back.”

Clawson added, “I plan to be the strong, conservative voice of Southwest Florida that represents everybody, and that starts tomorrow when we reopen our Congressional offices in Washington DC, Cape Coral and Naples.”

“I will advance the ideals we worked so hard for this spring as a priority: growing the economy by 5% annually, advancing the Mack Penny Plan and doing my part to represent you in restoring fiscal order in Washington.”

“I hope President Obama will accept my three point challenge.  I’d welcome any opportunity to discuss my economic plan and to explain to him that getting government out of the way and reducing the tax burden gives everyone a chance in a free market,” Clawson concluded.

Clawson will depart for Washington early tomorrow morning.  Due to the circumstances of the Special Election, Clawson can take the oath of office administered by the Speaker of the House immediately following the Secretary of State’s decision on the election results.

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