“Charlie Crist Channels Michael Dukakis…”

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Charlie Crist’s NASCAR gambit continues to backfire. Check out the Media Trackers story below comparing Crist’s latest stunt to the infamous Michael Dukakis tank ride.

And in case you missed it, CLICK HERE to see the complaint filed against Charlie Crist today with the Florida Elections Commission for accepting this vehicle sponsorship in excess of legal contribution limits.

Greg Blair
Deputy Communications Director
Rick Scott for Florida

Charlie Crist Channels Michael Dukakis with NASCAR Ad
Media Trackers
James Taylor
July 2, 2014

Charlie Crist ads will be plastered on a car in this Saturday’s NASCAR race, in a campaign move reminiscent of Michael Dukakis riding a tank. Crist is known for hobnobbing with Barack Obama and other rich liberal elitists.

While Crist’s bicoastal leftist friends refer to America’s heartland as “flyover country,” Crist is hoping that wrapping campaign paraphernalia around a Josh Wise-driven car in the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona International Speedway will convince Floridians he is one of them.

California record company executive Mike Curb, a friend of Crist’s who owns the car, offered to wrap the vehicle in Charlie Crist advertising as a favor to his friend. Crist campaign spokesman Brendan Gilfillian told the media that the campaign paid no money for the advertising.

The notion of Crist – a millionaire recognizable by his fake suntan and expensive clothes – claiming a connection with NASCAR fans parallels dainty Massachusetts liberal Michael Dukakis attempting to come across as a tough guy in the 1988 presidential campaign by filming himself driving a tank.

Instead of remaking Dukakis’ image, the stunt allowed Republicans to illustrate how silly and transparently political it was for Dukakis to claim he was something that he was not. The Dukakis tank film became a laughingstock that helped turn what was expected to be a close presidential election into a rout for George H.W. Bush.

According to the History Channel, the film of Dukakis riding a tank “exploded the hopes of a presidential candidate.”

The image of Charlie Crist sitting in his palatial home, chatting with liberal cultural elites, and sipping cocktails while watching his NASCAR car may similarly create an inadvertent turning point in Crist’s bid to unseat Gov. Rick Scott.

“One cannot look a gift horse in the mouth, so Crist can’t tell Curb, the donor from California, that he’d rather see the money it will cost to sponsor the car devoted to a social media blitz, but that’s what I’d like to see Crist doing more of,” wrote political blogger and longtime Crist supporter Peter Schorsch.

“It’s too bad that this latest effort by the Crist campaign is drawing jeers from the Twitterverse, but when a candidate blows a double digit lead, that’s what happens,” Schorsch added.

“Love that he’s [Wise] sponsored. Not his fault the guy doing it is a joke,” wrote one NASCAR fan on a reddit NASCAR chat site.

“He’s anything you want him to be, so long as you vote for him,” wrote another.


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