DEP Revokes Dan A. Hughes Company’s Permits and Files Lawsuit in Collier County

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TALLAHASSEE – Today, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection took action by revoking all of Dan A. Hughes Company’s permits, including the Collier-Hogan well, and filing a lawsuit in Collier County. A copy of the department’s complaint can be found here and Notice of Revocation can be found here.

DEP Secretary Herschel T. Vinyard Jr. said, “As Dan A. Hughes Company continues to publicly denounce the efforts of the department moving forward in a transparent manner, revocation of their permits is the only option that offers the assurance that Hughes will not cause damage to our treasured natural resources. We committed to taking any and all regulatory and enforcement action available to us, and today’s actions are proof that DEP honors its commitments.”

Dan A. Hughes Company’s lack of cooperation with the department is evident through its inadequate response to DEP’s nine demands, its failure to meet the requirements of the Consent Order with DEP to date, additional violations at the Collier-Hogan site and disregard for the public’s concerns. As a result of its actions, the department believes it is in the public’s best interest to permanently revoke the company’s permits at the Collier-Hogan and Immokalee sites, and to seek judgment from the court to require the company to uphold its promise to Collier County families.

As Hughes’s timeline to meet the department’s demands came to an end, it announced it would stop activity in Florida. The reality, however, is that it could go back to production whenever it wants. By revoking these permits, Hughes officially loses all authority to operate in Florida, ensuring we protect area families.

The department remains committed to holding Dan A. Hughes accountable for its unauthorized activities. The lawsuit, filed today in Collier County, requests the court’s enforcement of the requirements under the Consent Order between the department and Dan A. Hughes Company. The department is also seeking monetary penalties in excess of $100,000 as a result of the company violating the terms of the Consent Order and other regulations.

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