MEDIA ADVISORY: Senator Bullard Seeks Answers and Accountability from Florida Department of Corrections

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MIAMI —“Too little, too late, too few.” State Senator Dwight Bullard on Monday will hold a press conference to discuss the mounting inmate body count within the walls of state prisons under the watch of Governor Rick Scott and his Department of Corrections. He’ll also address the belated move by the DOC Secretary to finally hold one prison’s command staff accountable for a scalding death, and the other suspicious deaths still waiting for his attention.

“There are a number of issues that have gone unchecked when it comes to the prison system in our state,” said Senator Bullard. “I believe that Governor Scott and the people he assigns to these roles should be taking these matters more seriously. We’re still waiting to hear who locked Mr. Rainey in the shower, why he was placed there, and why it’s taking law enforcement so long to conduct an investigation. Four years later, we’re still waiting for answers about why a 27-year old asking for medical help was gassed to death in solitary confinement and the details covered up. And we’re still waiting to hear why four veteran investigators were so fed up with the administration they felt the need to file a whistleblower suit to compel the answers. ” 

The press conference will be held Monday July 21, 2014 at Mount Sinai Baptist Church, 698 NW 47th Terrace Miami, FL 33127. The press conference will begin at 2:30pm.

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