Jay Fant Endorsed by Key Tea Party Activists

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Campaign Tea Party Coalition to help organize in support of Fant’s campaign.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Today, the Jay Fant Campaign announced the support of a number of Jacksonville area Tea Party members and the formation of a Tea Party Coalition consisting of those who are passionate about limiting the size of government and have been active in the Tea Party movement since its beginning.

“Jay Fant is a champion of traditional American values and the Constitution, and we support his candidacy for the State House, said Billie Tucker, a local business leader and the co-founder of the local Tea Party. “Jay was with us at our first rally in Jacksonville, he helped lead our delegation to Washington, and he is the only candidate in this race who has a proven track record for standing up for conservative principles. Jay stood with us when we stood against the government overreach and we now stand with him!”

Several area groups were part of a broad network of organizations that were formed in reaction to the failures in leadership witnessed at all levels of government. The Jacksonville area members have been among some of the most active statewide.

“The people of our community are tired of government run amok,” said Jay Fant. “They want us to return to the traditional values of American exceptionalism and fiscal responsibility. This country was built on hard work and ingenuity, not on entitlements and government handouts. If we want to see growth again, we must turn back to the principles that made us great.”

The list announced today contains initial members but will not be exclusive. During the course of the campaign, more leaders will be added to assist Fant with his economic vision for Florida. The initial coalition leaders are as follows:

  • Jerry Cruz
  • Cindy Ganas
  • Lynne Holicky
  • Pam Jackson
  • Mike Jackson
  • James Kring
  • Hank Madden
  • Jobie Madden
  • Greg McDermott
  • Tina Meskel
  • Dan Ord
  • Robert Overby
  • Rolando Perez
  • Andy Sanfilippo
  • Judy Sanfilippo
  • Valerie Sawyer
  • Billie Tucker
  • Derby Ullola
  • Stephen Vining
  • Debra Vining
  • Joshua Warren
  • Jeff Young

About Jay Fant for State Representative
Jay Fant’s strong ties to Jacksonville began when his grandfather’s family moved to the city in 1920. Jay’s father and grandfather have been local business and civic leaders, with both having served in elected office. In 1947, the family started First Guaranty Bank, one of the oldest banks in the city. In 1994, Jay was elected to serve on the board and led the company with his father through 2012. Jay has done much to continue the family tradition of investing in the community. He has been involved with many different organizations, including Big Brothers Big Sisters, Healthy U Now Foundation, Rotary, and the Florida Bankers Association. Jay and his wife, Lauren, have two sons and two daughters. They attend St. Johns Presbyterian Church. In his spare time, he coaches little league baseball and basketball.

ON THE WEB: www.jayfant.com

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