Senator Don Gaetz Reports: Obamacare Court Rulings

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July 22, 2014

Dear Neighbor,

Today, a Washington court ruled that subsidies currently accessible via the federal health insurance exchange can be made available only in states with their own insurance exchanges and not in the 36 states, including Florida, which opted to instead utilize the federal exchange during the massive, unpredictable and unprecedented implementation of Obamacare.

For the short-term, this ruling appears to have no immediate impact on the health insurance of Floridians receiving subsidies through the federal exchange. In fact, an appeals court in Richmond today reached the opposite conclusion.

If the Washington court ruling is upheld by the Supreme Court, Florida will be faced with some important decisions. As Senator from Northwest Florida, I will continue to oppose the creation of a state exchange. Subsidies received through a federal or state exchange trigger the application of PPACA’s mandates. As long as I serve in the Senate, I will not support the State of Florida serving as the instrument by which individuals and businesses are forced into a federal mandate to purchase a health insurance product they may not want.

Maybe I’m just partial to the legislative process designed by our founding fathers, rather than the dictates of unelected bureaucrats who seem to change the application of this law as often as President Obama plays a round of golf, but perhaps we ought to look to those members of Congress who not only supported this law, but suggested that it be voted on before it was read and see if they can suggest a legislative solution.

Alternatively, President Obama could propose a solution to fix this inherent problem with his signature piece of legislation.

As always, I will continue to monitor this critical issue and will not hesitate to advocate for swift action by the state when needed to address the challenges facing Florida.

I encourage you to read the story below from the Associated Press, which further explains the issue.


Don Gaetz

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