DNC Response to GOP Governors Panel in Aspen

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Tonight in Colorado, Republican Governors Chris Christie, Rick Scott, Sam Brownback, Nikki Haley and Scott Walker will participate in an Aspen Institute event where they will discuss their ideas on how to grow the economy.

“These governors are the poster children for how the GOP agenda has wrecked state economies and pushed states into fiscal crisis after fiscal crisis. It’s the same story from these GOP governors: the same tired talking points about cutting key programs like education and women’s health while giving massive tax breaks to the super wealthy. And instead of leading, these governors are consistently failing to deliver for their states.” – DNC National Press Secretary Michael Czin

Below please find just a few key examples of how the Republican Governors speaking at tonight’s panel are failing their constituents:

Chris Christie: On his watch, New Jersey’s credit rating has been downgraded a record six times, and the state ranks 48th in private-sector job growth. His administration’s excessively rosy revenue projections blew an $800 million hole in the state’s budget.

Scott Walker: When he ran for election in 2010, Walker promised to create 250,000 new jobs by the end of his first term, but guess what? Politifact Wisconsin says his promise “stalled” – in fact, only 40 percent of those jobs have materialized, and last month Walker took a step backwards when employment dipped by 1,200.

Sam Brownback: He pushed through a package of tax cuts in Kansas that largely benefited the wealthy and blew a $338 million hole in the state’s budget and cost the state 8 percent of its revenue which was needed for schools and other government services. Not only did his irresponsible tax cuts not help the state, Kansas was one of only a handful of states to lose jobs over the last seven months, and they’ve been below the national average in job gains for more than three years.

Rick Scott: He slashed education funding in Florida while giving billions of dollars in tax breaks to corporations in an attempt to create jobs. But guess what? The jobs he promised hasn’t materialized, so he flip-flopped on what his promise really was!

Nikki Haley: She’s involved in enough scandals it would make the cast of ‘Scandal’ blush. But when not engaged in full-time damage control, Haley’s busy falsifying her economic record. Earlier this week she was called out by one of the largest papers in the state for her phony economic numbers.

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